Leliana Vess, Defier of Demons

Leliana Vess, Defier of Demons
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Monday, March 22, 2010

Akushon Gamu no waza wo benkyou shiou!

Konnichiwa minna. Ame ga futeiru zo.

Today is once again raining like all hell. Even though we had such a great weekend. Took my sis out during the weekend too. Too nice a weekend to waste. What makes me laugh is when it's been absolutely amazing weather during the week, & then when it rains the news says "Hopefully there will be some light at the end of the tunnel & this rain goes away...". We just had some awesome weather for so long, man. Be grateful bitches.

Anyway, in games I've decided to take an oath to finally get good at action games. Generally I've really sucked at action games, mostly because they frustrate me so much that I don't want to play anymore. It's to the point that I have never been able to beat Ninja Gaiden. Even on Ninja Dog mode. Yeah, yeah, I know, I know, I suck. However, sappy enough as it is, I was actually inspired by watching the Ninja Gaiden (NES) review from the Angry Video Game Nerd. Watching how he actually became good at the game just by not giving up & kept going was really inspiring (even if that part was corny). Plus his ninja-sensei's wise words really taught me things.

"Before you leap, you must look. Before you look, you must think. Before you think, you must feel. "

"A ninja must look beyond the borders of the screen."

"Unlimited continues means no game over. Game is over when you make it over."

"You are playing with anger!"

"Perceive your victory, & you will see the future, & make the future, the present."

"Are you playing the game, or is the game playing you?"

Awesome. & of course the classic:

"Nunchuck fuck!!".

Just awe inspiring.

So I started looking for tips & decided to listen to them. Here's what I got:

1) Play Ninja Gaiden Sigma 1 on Master Ninja.

2) Play Ninja Gaiden Black on Master Ninja.

3) Play vanilla Ninja Gaiden on Master Ninja.

4) Play Ninja Gaiden 2 Sigma on Master Ninja.

then you'll be ready to tackle harder games.

When I first read this I was like "Whaaaaaat!!?!!". How the hell am I gonna do that when I haven't beaten the game on Ninja Dog? But then someone told me that playing the game on lower difficulties will cause you to develop bad habits that will get you killed & will thus make the game much harder later on. If you start the game, or any game on the highest difficulty, then you will have nothing to worry about. This reminded me of one time in high school where I played Dead or Alive 2:Ultimate on the hardest difficulty (at a time when I had a hard time on easy & REALLY sucked at fighting games) with everyone in order to unlock all the costumes & the gallery. It took me three days of non-stop playing all day from 7 a.m to midnight, & caused me no end of frustration. But at the end, It made me very good at the game, to the point where I could beat the game on regular hard mode without losing once. After that normal became a breeze. Not only did it greatly increase my skills, but it made me appreciate the game on a way deeper level, I had more fun with it then any other game at that point, and that was what influenced me to play fighters, because Dead or Alive was the very fighting game I ever got pretty good at. Thus I hope that doing this will help me become a better player and help me to become a better action gamer. I know it's gonna be tough (trust me on that), but like everyone told me, don't give up.

So what prompted this change? A number of reasons. First, I bought the game Shinobi on the PS2. A very good, stylish, & cool game by Sega which many people insist is way harder than Ninja Gaiden. I remember playing the original Revenge of Shinobi on the Sega Geneses, & it was considered one of the best games on that console. I liked it mostly for the fact that it was a ninja game & because it had Sonny Chiba on the title screen.

This ninja has come to steal your soul, bitches.

The one thing I remember most about the game was the fact that I had such a hard time with it. To the point that I couldn't beat level one. Yeah I really REALLY suck at action games, especially when I was a kid. I just got happy when I found out I wasn't the only one. Back to the point. Anyway, I really like Shinobi. It's very cool, stylish, challenging, & Hotsuma is just a badass. But I had heard that it was also ridiculously hard. So far, I'm up to 2-B. Yeah I know but I only played for about 3 hours, what do you expect? Anyway, It hasn't been too hard so far, but I heard now is when it's going to start kicking in. I was influenced into playing this because I started playing Shinobi's sequel, Nightshade again. I bought the game way back in 2004, & beat it with the help of Codebreaker (I really don't like a challenge huh?). I thought the game was super cool, cause I loved Hibana. So it got me into looking up more ninja games. Plus, Shinobi was only $5. Another reason why I'm trying to get good at action is because of Bayonetta.

You want to touch me?

I really liked the demo & thought it was really cool, especially because I was owning the demo, beating the game with no damage sometimes. However when I got the game, I was losing a little on normal, & then got really really busy with things. Then when I played the game again this week, I got murdered. 8 continues. It pissed me off. I'm a really mellow dude & I don't get pissed off at all, especially from insults. Getting bullied as a child made me completely immune to that, & training in martial arts just enhanced it. But god forbid you see me when I get mad at a video game. I guess since the video games not a person, I feel no shame in wanting to rip it to pieces. My sis says I even start cursing like the Angry Video Game nerd once I get on a roll. So now that I thought about it, it definitely probably had to do with the fact that I hadn't played the game in a while & was playing a new stage. What the hell was I expecting? But all in all, I've made this vow to get good at action games because I have so many action games that I haven't beaten yet, that I want to see through. Gotta stop giving up so fast, learn the game right, & watch my opponents. Then the key to victoly will be opened (if you get that reference, post & you will win 5 points). Then because I've been playing these two actions games, I haven't been able to play any Final Fantasy 13, but once I do I'll post about that too.

In anime, I saw this new anime Chihiro is doing called Working. Yes that's the title. It's about a waitress at a restaurant who needs to find someone else to work there. So she ends up finding a kouhai at her school that will work there, the male main character. The anime seems to be trying to get by based on how moe the girl is.

That's her with the ponytail on the front. She's small, childish, looks like an shougakusei kid, & acts all cute & helpless. In other words, the typical moe trash that comes out of Japan nowadays. Will probably not give this a watch when it comes out, as I am way more excited for this:

Now that's a real anime for your ass.

Back to games, I finally played Love Plus again after a month, & predictably, Rinko hated my guts. Talked to her for about 5 minutes, texted her a couple of times, & boom she loved me again. Yeah, just like a real girl, huh? I'd like to get a girlfriend & leave her ass hanging for about a month. See how that works out. Funny thing is people say that this game is accurate haha. I'm also still stuck on Advance Wars: Days of Ruin. I'm on Almost Home & I got pissed because I came seriously close to beating the stage finally but fucked up. Oh well maybe some day.

Can't post the pics here at work but I'm going to post pics of my game collection later on. Latz!

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