Leliana Vess, Defier of Demons

Leliana Vess, Defier of Demons
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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Kyou wa atsui sugiru zo, takku mou!!


Today was surprisingly hot considering that it was raining so hard just days before. It reminded me of when there was a hurricane in Lucky Star & Konata mentioned about how it always gets so hot right after a hurricane. Had to go to work anyway, but it wasn't so bad. Only 65 Degrees.
But anyway I was playing Final Fantasy 13 again; I had the hardest time against Lightning's Eidolon, Odin. He's well-known as one of the hardest Eidolon fights at that point in the game, but I looked online for info about how to beat him. All you really need to do is start with Lightning as a Ravager & Hope as a Medic, & just focus on surviving his first attack. This is when most people die because he does so damage with a combo he does right at the beginning of the battle. This one combo will kill Hope & leave Lightning in the red, & at this point you need to pray that you can use a Phoenix Down on Hope before Odin charges in & rips you a new one. So you should start with Hope as a Medic right from the beginning, so that he can heal himself before Odin can finish him off. At that point Odin may put up a shield to protect himself. You should then have both Lightning & Hope turn Ravager to build up his gauge. If you're especially damaged, put both Hope & Lightning as Medics & do some quick healing. Odin likes it when you build up a damage or a healing chain, so the gauge won't go down. Also do not forget to press the square button. This happens to alot of people. So after dying 12 times without knowing all this info, I looked on Gamefaqs to find out how to beat him. Finally after finding all this out, I tried again & got a 5 star rating on the fight & beat him with only 3 seconds left on the Doom clock. I was so hyped I texted Joe about it.
I also managed to download Gootecks video of the Arcade Infinity Ranbats from February. It was pretty interesting in terms of playing level, but I can understand why some people don't like watching SF4 tournaments. Same common match-ups. Same thing's I've seen before. I understand that's how you win, & that they're playing at a level I probably can't understand yet, but damn. Akuma versus Ryu was pretty interesting though.
I have so many games that I need to play that I don't have time for it's not even funny. Bayonetta, FF13, Wet, plus other games I don't remember. Ugh but that always happens to me. At any rate I'm going to take some time to write a "About me" blog so you guys can get to know me better, but that's if I have time.
After work, I went to Park Slope to hang out with my friend Joe (BootyClappa@Shoryuken.com). Not Joseph from high school; he's a different one. He's tyring to find a copy of Akatsuki Blitzkampf, but he can't find it anywhere. He's just got a brand-spanking new computer with Windows 7, but I'm going to try to find the specific specs on his comp the next time I go over. He & his girl are going to take a trip to China soon, so I'm hoping he's going to have a good time. Now that he has this good computer, he's going to try to set-up a stream for whenever us guys on the Brooklyn thread on SRK have a session. Once the stream is set-up I'm going to put a link for it on this blog & my Facebook account. We basically hung out & talked about how Ibuki, Makoto & Dudley are going to break SSF4. Seriously with they're target combos they're all going to dominate. Can't focus out of a target combo, plus even if you block you are going to have some crazy pressure & mix-ups. Either way, I just can't wait for Juri. She is going to be fierce, I just know it, Especially with her Ultra 1. Another character I'm excited for is Ibuki I admit. Mostly because I started using her in Third Strike. She's really cool but you have to remember so many different target combos plus get a hold of Super-Jumping on her normals. Plus, she's fast as shit.
Either way, I just hope that SSF4 corrects some of the problems that SF4 has. For one, SF4 makes you bad at fighting games. Seriously. You develop bad habits , like jumping alot, taking risks, & such. Also it lowers your execution. Due to SF4's easy inputs, a lot of players end up relying on the inputs subconciously, & their execution lowers. As an example, I started playing almost no other fighter but SF4 when I first got it, for about a month. I went to Joe's house & we played SFA2 & Third Strike, & I was fucking up like all hell. Empty jumping, couldn't get my super out for anything. It was horrible. It was like last year all over again. SSF4 needs to fix that.
Anyway I just went to work & went online once I got home. I'll post the "about me" blog soon. Laters!

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