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Leliana Vess, Defier of Demons
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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Chotto Nihongo wo Benkyo de, Gammu no Jokyo wo Sihraseru


I'm typing this on a Sunday because I don't think I'll have time to update tomorrow. This whole weekend was kinda crappy, cloudy skies, cold, threats of rain. A complete turnaround from how it was last weekend. Don't know what's up with the weather. Pretty much this whole week was me starting a new part time job, trying to work it around with my regular schedule, & trying to get some gaming in. Friday Joe came by to hang out, and we played some games & drank some beers. Overall, a really fun afternoon.
In games, I just recently bought Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2, as part of my new commitment to trying to get good at action games. In this game I can definitely tell you that using Instant Ultimate Techniques is definitely a necessity. Many enemies can came at you from all directions, so being able to do this becomes almost essential, especially at the higher levels. Basically the technique goes like this; you jump in the air, throw some shuriken, and the INSTANT that you land, you need to hold the triangle button. This way, as soon as you land, Ryu immediately begins charging for the UT. If you have some essence lying around when you do it, Ryu'll pretty much instantly be able to do the technique. Very useful. Very good players can do it off of a Reverse Wind, but i have problems doing that consistently. I'm going to keep on practicing it so I can rape demon ass with it.
As for my feelings about the game, I like it a hell of a lot better than I did the original Ninja Gaiden. It just seems so much more cooler. So far I'm up to Chapter 6, & while the game has been very challenging for me so far, It seems like the game is going to become much harder from hear on out. Now I think I'm in Italy & have to fight new werewolf enemies that are easy to delimb, but don't seem to take knockback from any of my attacks. They just seem to keep going no matter what I do. I'll find out how to beat them though.
Who said only silver bullets could beat werewolves?

In all honesty though, I definitely think that this game is way easier than the original Ninja Gaiden. To put in clarity, I have played all three versions of Ninja Gaiden 1, plus this game. The only one I haven't played yet is the original Ninja Gaiden 2 on 360 because I don't own a 360. It really does seem like each game in the series adds more content but makes the game easier. I heard that the game is still really hard on Master Ninja anyway, so at least I have that to look forward too.
I still haven't played much Final Fantasy 13, mostly because I've been too busy with the baito plus all my game time has been taken up by NGS2. Joe showed me Ch12 of the game when he came over though, & from what I've seen the game gets tremendously harder as you go on. You fight creatures 10X as big as you, & who can instant kill you almost all the time. Gonna have to start level grinding in preparation.
It was recently announced on SRK that King of Fighter 13 has been announced & may be coming soon, & quite frankly I'm wondering what it is SNK is trying to do with the series. It's almost as if they think that just because they're KOF that when the game comes out it's gonna be an automatic best seller, when it has been proven time & time again that this is most certainly not the case.

KOF: the soccer of fighting games

One of the many reasons why some people did not like King of Fighters 12 was because series mainstay Mai Shiranui was not included in the lineup for the first time in KOF history. The only time something like this ever happened was in KOF 11 when Mai was not in the arcade release but was put in for the console release. Fans of the series were pissed off about how the bombshell was taken out. Personally as a Mai fan, I was pissed off too. Not having Mai in KOF is like making a KOF game without Terry Bogard, or having a Street Fighter game without Chun-li or Ryu. It was just a dumb decision made by a dumb company. "No Mai, No buy" even became a slogan for the game. So of course with this game...
...look who made the cut? Yeah I guess not even SNK is dumb enough to make the same mistake twice. I know it sounds like I'm hating on KOF, but trust me I'm not. I've played every game in the series & own every game except for 2003 & 12. I like the characters, story, music, game play, fighting style, and controls, plus I really wish Mai, Andy, Terry were Capcom creations because they are just so cool. I just don't understand how people think it's better than Street Fighter. I will say KOF is a great game fighting game, but I think Street Fighter just about outclasses everything KOF can do. Anyway back to the point.
Part of the reason, in my opinion, that KOF12 failed was because while it may have been an ok game in it's own right, it had to compete with Street Fighter 4 & Blazblue at the same time, plus Tekken 6 & Melty Blood: Actress Again later on in the year. All of these games pretty much completely outclassed the newest entry with better graphics, game play, & overall fun, & thus the game was left in the under 10 bin at Gamestop. Now they have a new entry to showoff, & they say the game is "coming soon". Guess what? So is Super Street Fighter 4 & Blazblue: Continuum Shift. If they release the game in between the release of these two games I'm going to be seriously pissed. Makes you wonder about the marketing division in SNK.

This is a funny ass vid I saw about Ryu vs Terry Bogard. Awesome.
At any rate all this talk about 13 is making me want to play KOF2002UM all over again. That was a good-ass game. Or at the very least Fatal Fury 1.
I'm also thinking about buying Heavy Rain, mostly because I've heard so many things about it. First I have to pay off my reserve of Super Street Fighter 4. Which by the way, have you all heard what the special preorder bonus is at GameStop is? Well hear you go....

Little glove-like things for thumb wrestling. I swear if Gamestop does something like this again I am never reserving from then again. Here I thought we would get new costumes for the preorder bonus. I just shake my head when I look at this.

The devastating reveal of those awful preorders bonus's couldn't destroy my overall excitement for the game. If anything the flame has been rekindled because I've been watching all the new footage of the game that has come out, plus I've been watching all the old trailers. My personal favorite trailer would definitely have to be the one where they announced Cody, Adon and Guy as new characters. That trailer was masterful, especially the editing done on all the characters themes and the game play footage. People tend to talk shit about the music for the new characters, but I personally love Cody's, Guy's, Dee-Jay's, and Juri. I also saw the new openings for the characters. Quite frankly, while the openings themselves were okay, I didn't like how now the prologue's are just glorified PowerPoint presentations. I thought that Ganzo was going to improve the anime cutscenes from SF4 but all they really did was change the art style and took out 99 percent of all movement. Kind of a let-down. Still, the opening's were cool, really liked Cody's. I had always thought that if I saved a city from the threat of takeover by a huge gang, I think the city should let me do whatever the fuck I wanted. So what if he picked a couple of fights, he saved the entire fucking city, people! Overall I like his story, makes complete sense. He saves the city, they throw him in jail as a reward, so he says "fuck it", brakes out of jail, & is just gonna try to cure himself of his boredom.

Sate, sukoshi de taikutsu guri no aite ka ne ...

I also really like Juri's style of speech. For those who don't understand Japanese, Juri speaks like a boy. I'll elaborate.
Juri uses male versions of speech, but seems to not use male pronouns like "zo" or "ze". These are pronouns that are put at the end of sentences in order to make the speaker sound manly. The girl version, to make the speaker sound feminine, is "wa". In real life you will most likely never see one gender using the other genders pronouns, but in anime it happenes every now and then. For examples:
Girls who use male prounouns (zo or ze):
Mio from K-on
2) Ritsu from K-on
3) Ryoumou from Ikki Tousen
4) Kan-U from Ikki Tousen

Girls who use female pronouns (wa):
Chun-li from Street Fighter
2) Rose from Street Fighter
3) Nodoka from K-on
4) Asuna from Mahou Sensei Negima

Juri, however, does not use these male pronouns, but uses a male style of speech. For example, her entrance quote is

"Naka naka ii karada shiteru ja ne ka?"

This is a very manly style of speech because of the accent she uses (best thing I can think of at the moment). This same line would be said like this by a normal girl:

"Anata, naka naka ii karada shiteru wa ne?"

First notice the use "anata" which translates to "you". Girls would say this simply to be polite. Juri is just talking to you without letting you know she's talking to you. This would be used when you are close to the person you are talking to and never to a stranger. By using this Juri is being rude in a japanese sense, which fits her sadistic, insane character perfectly. Also notice the lack of the "wa". The second way denotes that it is most likely a girl talking, and would give the sense of being feminine. Not all girls use this, but the lack of this basically shows you're not trying to sound girly. But the thing that gives this line such a manly tone is the use of "Ja ne ka". This is not only manly, but you will almost only see toughguy types like yankees talking like this, as it comes off as very rude. Its a relaxed version of "ja nai ka?" which would best translate to "doesn't it", or in this case, "don't you". By talking in this way, Juri's line sounds not just manly, but like if she wanted to pick a fight. She also talks manly in her opening, where, as an example, she says "darou". "Darou", is a relaxed version of "De Shou" which means "doesn't it?" or "Right?". Most girls would use "De Shou" because that is the more polite version, but instead she uses "Darou" which is more mascualine and relaxed. All in all, she speaks more like Cody or Adon then Chun-li. If you want to see what I'm talking about, listen to how C.Viper or Chun-Li (feminine speakers) talk, then listen to Ken, Cody, or Adon (masculine speakers) talk, then finally listen to how Juri talks in her vids. You'll notice she uses "ja ne..", "darou" "nen" & other masculine words. She should sound more like the masculine speakers I listed then the female ones. So yeah, not only is she super-cool, does a fighting style I like, and has a cool design, but she speaks like a guy, which I find moe sexy as fuck. Yeah, I am so maining her when the game finally hits.

Naka naka ii karada shiteru ja ne ka?

On the anime side I had to redownload all the episodes of Sora no Wato that I had (1-6) because my computer was lagging slightly trying to play them. Before it was lagging to the point where I couldn't even watch them, but I had to download the newest version of cccp which fixed the problem. Only thing is now the vid lags slightly while the opening cannot play. So i redownloaded everything in a smaller size so I could watch with no lag at all. I also downloaded the Ninja Gaiden OVA that was released a thousand years ago. Haven't had much time to watch them all though, so once I watch them I'll post about my thoughts.
Still anxiously awaiting the release of Ikki Tousen Xtreme Xecutioner. I saw the trailer & Joe & I talked about it. It seems pretty clear that those two new girls (the dark-skinned one & the one with the sword) are Meng Huo & his wife from the Three Kingodoms. Also it's a surprise that Ma Chao is going to be in it. It seems like she gets along really well with Hakufu. It also looks like SouSou is actually going to be really important in the storyline now, seeing as how he's still alive.
And what the fuck is going on here?!!?!?!

Or here?!?! So it looks like Sousou isn't the only one that's capable of mainfesting their former self. The same way that Sousou could bring out the original Sousou from the Three Kingdoms era, it look like Kan-U can do the same. Which begs the question: Did she do it of her own accord, or did Kan-U take control of her the same way that the original Sousou did to the current Sousou in Dragon Destiny? Also we see in the trailer that Kan-U is calling out Ryoumou and Ryoumou begins fighting her. Plus it looks like Ryoumou's dragon is manifesting. I hope this doesn't mean that Ryoumou and Kan-U are going to have their destined fight, because that means that there is an extremely good chance that my favorite chracter in the series is going to die. That would suck badly.
(Edit: As I was writing this I just found out that the 1st episode of Xtreme Xecutor had come out and I have it downloading as I type. I'll watch and comment either in next week's entry or in a special post during the week, depending on when I'm finally able to watch it.)

All in all, it was a pretty slow week since I'm still adjusting to work, but I did manage to get some gaming in. I'm loving Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2, but I'm having problems finding time to get some Final Fantasy 13 in, and I feel bad abut not mangaing to get it in there. Once I do, I'll mention it in another post. Hope you all enjoyed this post and the small lesson in Japanese, and I'll see you all next week. Laters!

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