Leliana Vess, Defier of Demons

Leliana Vess, Defier of Demons
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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Okay, so this is that special review of the first episode of Ikki Tousen: Xtreme Xecutor that I promised in my last blog entry. All I can say is that I loved it. Bachou Mouki is such a funny character that is such a cool addition to the cast. She's strong, cute, a dirty fighter, & flirtatious to her goals, as well as ditsy.
Her only problem lies in her origin. As most people who follow the series know, this is actually not the first time she has been in the series. When Ikki Tousen was first being made and the story had not been fully decided on, Mouki was originally going to be the main character of the story, along with her brother Kansui Bun'Yaku and Houtoku Reimi. However it was eventually decided that Sonsaku would become the main character and the story with the magatama was eventually fleshed out and decided on. What I meant as being a problem is that she is actually very similar to Sonsaku: Strong yet ditsy. She's not anywhere near as stupid as Sonsaku, but she is shown in the episode as being very ditsy and a little slow. Still, her cuteness and dirty style of fighting is what made her grow on me. She is quickly rising up on my favorite character's list.
The first few minutes of episode act as a recap on the series, noticeably lacking in reviewing Great Guardians. I don't know why they specifically ignored it, but it might be because they are focusing more on the story that was supposed to have ended in Dragon Destiny. Anyway the opening minutes cover the series really well, from Sonsaku entering the school and fighting the four Devas, to her fight with Tasihji, and the rise of Totaku, along with the tournament and Kan-U's participation, all redone in the Dragon Destiny art style that series has been using since. It also covers Sonsaku's fight with Ukitsu and the end when Ryoufu killed Toutaku. Interestingly though, as opposed to using the way the fight had ended in the first season, they are instead using the manga's way of telling their deaths, in that they both fought and fell off a cliff. Apparently they are officially using the manga's interpretation of their deaths and are retconning the ending from the first season. Interesting choice, but that part was so old I really don't care.

Anyway, it then goes on to show the Seito toushi along with Ryoumou's part in getting the dragon sphere, along with Sousou getting taken over by his predecessor and his fight with Sonsaku. They gloss over Ukitsu's part in reviving Sonsaku and go right to the Sekiheki Daikessen. Shows the parts of the battle as well as the conclusion and defeat of Sousou, and then the recap is over.



Until Nemeses from Resident Evil decides to make an appearance.

What the fuck was that thing?!! That's what I honestly thought when I first saw that thing. Apparently that's what's going to part of the focus of this season from what I've seen.

We then cut to Mouki making her appearance by completely launching a sneak attack on Kyoushou. She handles just about all of the scrubs with ease, with some really cool moves to boot. We are then also see one of Sousou's generals, Kyoucho Chuukou, who seems to have a different voice actress from what I remember in Dragon Destiny. We are also treated to some backstory as to how she and Sousou are such good childhood friends. I can smell the fanfics brewing already.
Watashi no ai wa mugen da yo, Mou-kun.

Then there is some more fighting and ass-whooping done by Mouki as she continues to blow through Kyoushou forces largely uncontested. Spinning Bird Kick!!!

That is until another one of Kyoushou's generals makes her debut, Soujin Shikou, and challenges Mouki. To which Mouki responds by running away through the school, taking care of anyone who tries to get in her way. She then manages to find the P.A. System in the school and proceeds to call out Sousou to a match completely unaware that Sousou isn't even anywhere near the school. He is hanging out with Kakouton near what looks like the ruins of Chibi.
Sousou: Ore-tachi no basu de, nani ga atta no ka na?
Kakouton: Arien. Kangaete sugirun da ze.

Mouki eventually then fights Soujin, and then fights Kyocho who proceeds to embarrass and destroy the girl just for her dissing her leader. Comedy ensues as she literally gets her ass stuck in a water tank, nearly falls to her death of the school roof, and gets the shit kicked out of her by Kyocho.
Damn right you sorry!!

Afterwards, we see a dejected Mouki walking in the rain as we flashbacks of her dead brother, who apparently died at the hands of Sousou. Wanting to get stronger, she falls to the floor in the rain dejected. Then Ryuubi just happens to walk to scold Mouki, saying she's going to catch a cold sitting in the rain like that. Asking who she is, the episode then comes to a close.

Overall, I thought the episode was pretty cool. It had a lot more comedy than most episodes of this series ever does, and seemed to try to focus more on the story than anything else, which is a first for the series. Usually, the focus is on putting tons of fan service, while sometimes sacrificing a lot on the story or character development. Perhaps they are trying to learn for the mistakes that they made in Great Guardians (which I thought was really good by the way) and are listening to the fans when they say "Clam down on the fanservice, provide a better story". Hopefully this will become a trend for the series and we will get a worthy successor to Dragon Destiny. Over all I definitely think the series is a much watch for fans of the series. Very, Very satisfying. I also apologise for writing and not getting it out before the end of the week, but I just got too busy. Hell I am just publishing this on Saturday. The new episode is already out, so I'm going to try to cover that as soon as possible. I plan on writing a new blog entry for the second episode once I watch it and have the time to write about it. Laterz!

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