Leliana Vess, Defier of Demons

Leliana Vess, Defier of Demons
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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

watashi no hajimete no burago wo!!!

Osu minna. Genki da ta kai?

Wow my first blog. Now let's hope I have the time to update it! Anyway, right into the thick of it!
Saturday & Sunday:

Anyway, today was raining all day like all hell. With the wind & rain, you would've thought a hurricane was passing by, which according to my dad there was. Anyone who lives in BK knows what I'm talking about. Needless to say, not a good day to go out, but go out I did. Why? Why to pick up my reserved copy of Final Fantasy 13 of course. Since I got it, I invited my best friend from high school, Joseph over so we could play it together. He had gotten his copy on reserve day & had been playing it since. Unfortunaetly he can't play the game for very long because the 360's is borrowed. His 360's disk drive is broken, so he can't use his 360 until our mutual friend from high school Andy manages to get it fixed. He's good with electronics but I don't know about him being able to fix a 360 but whatever. I didn't play FF13 for too long mostly because I was dead tired, but I managed to get up to Chapter 3.

Since for some odd reason I woke up at 4 in the morning & of course couldn't go back to sleep, I watched two animes that I had gotten that were brand new: Sora no Wato & Sasameki Koto. Sora no Wato is about a girl who lost her mother during a war when she was a little girl, & after the attack that killed her mother took place, she saw a bugler from the army. A bugler was what the army used before they created walkie-talkies. The bugler would play on a trumpet coded songs to let the soldiers know when they were retreating, attacking or anything else. She is so inspired by hearing the bugler that she decides to go into the army to learn how to play like that soldier played. She then joins the 1121st battalion, one of the most laid-back battalions in the army, who are essentially protecting a small farm village near the border to nowhere. In other words they got the shaft. Since they don't need to worry so much about being prepared or acting like real soldiers, the show is mostly about how they all interact with each other. In all honesty , the anime is pretty good & I'm only on ep.5, but it seemed almost like a clone of Strike Witches. Almost the same premise, just will less soldiers, less battles & less loli. The characters in the battalion are:

1) Sorami Kanata: Basically the uber-genki greenhorn & main character. Has perfect pitch but plays horribly. Hirasawa Yui, anyone?

2) Kazumiya Rio: Totemo Kibishi Onee-san. Teaches Kanata how to play.

3) Suminoya Kureha: Typical Tsundere (thats litteraly how the wiki describes her).

4) Kannagi Noel: Girl with Uber-Mech skillz.

5) Filicia Heideman: Yasahii Ojou-sama/Onee-san

All important moe types present & accounted for, sir!

The other anime I have been watching is Sasameki Koto. This a yuri anime about a girl in high school who is in love with her best friend, a girl who always falls in love with "cute girls". This is a problem for the main character because she is athletic, really tall for her age, & a black belt in karate. Not exactly cute at all. The entire anime basically falls on the main characters attempts to get her best friend to fall in love with her. It's a very sweet anime, but then again I say that about all yuri anime. Its an anime type I just have a sweet spot for. Its also histerically funny, while still having the drama, so I think I'm definetly gonna finish this anime.

In terms of games, I'm playing FF13 like I said, plus still playing Street Fighter 4. In Street Fighter I've mostly been playing everyone, but also started learning Zangief. Especially now that I can do his ultra & super. Feels like a whole new game. Playing against the computer is boring as shit though.

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