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Leliana Vess, Defier of Demons
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Thursday, May 6, 2010


Let's see if I can come back to updating this thing regularly. Might try to update with smaller blogs. Since I always write such long entries, it takes longer for me to write and edit the suckers, which is what happened in the last entry. I always have so much to write about.

Anyway, I just got a new psp, since my old psp-3000 is a broken down piece of crap. What happened was that I had tried to open it to remove some dust that had gotten trapped underneath the screen. Looks like I didn't tighten the screws enough because now three of them are missing, and one of the casings for it is broken. So now you can almost completely open the psp, and the analog stick is stuck in the up-left position. Thus making it impossible to play almost 75% of all my games. So I was stuck deciding whether or not I should get a new psp, or the DSi. Listening to my sister's advice, I decided to get the psp since I already have a DS lite. Glad I went that route because the psp actually has decent software now.

Bought 9 games for the psp, 3 at purchase, 3 later on and 3 even more later on lol. The first three I bought was Castlevania: Dracula X Chronicles, Jeanne D'Arc, and Dead or Alive: Paradise.

Dracula X chronicles I gotta say was quite a shock. It happens to be my first non-Castleroid Castlevania game ever, so the gameplay change felt very different. The game really is very, very hard. Like wow. And here most people think OOE was ridiculously hard. That doesn't even compare to this one. At least it helps towards my playing hard games commitment. I could just imagine how hard the original version is. Then I heard alot of people say Castlevania 1 is even harder. Urk. Like most Castlevania games its all about recognizing the enemy patterns and exploiting their weaknesses. The reason why this game is harder though is because the life bar they give you is very small, so you don't have many oppurtunities to make mistakes. Not to mention the game is very stingy with it's health items. Still, I like it anyway, as it a very fun game that still has pick up and go gameplay. Plus I absolutely love the German opening. Can't wait to unlock Symphony of the Night on this thing.

Jeanne D'Arc was another game that I wanted when it came out. I'm a big history buff, so getting to play as the legendary Joan of Arc felt juts awesome. It's kinda weird though since I'm Catholic and now I'm playing as a girl who is officially recognised as a saint by the holy Roman Catholic Church. Then again I'm not a devout Catholic so whatever. The game is really fun. I especially love how Jean can turn into a valkyrie lol. Also the whole unified guard system is cool since I always group my troops together in other SRPG's, so this mechanic helps me out a lot. It's a lot like Final Fantasy Tactics, but so far it's not as hard as that game can get. Still I really like the game. Even the cheesy French accents.

Dead or Alive Paradise was as much for me as it was my sister, since she's a huge fan of the Xtreme Beach series. No lie she put more than 90-hours into the first game, so she and I argue over who gets to play the new game lol. The game is basically a simplified version of DOA:XB2 on the 360. So now my sister and I finally get to play the 360 version. So naturally I immediately went straight for Kokoro. She's just too cute to ignore. Itagaki really knew what he was doing with her. She's a Geisha, she does one of my favorite martial arts styles (BajiQuan) and she even speaks a mix of kansai with some really girly Japanese. Moe me up girl, Moe me up! haha. But yeah the game is pretty fun, though I do hate the independent breast physics. It's not even graphically impressive or anything. Pretty much it's just one breast goes up the other comes down. My sister cracks on it every time she sees it. "Real breasts don't move like that! Have these guys ever seen real breasts before?!" haha, she's so funny. Still I can't help but feel that the actual volleyball game has tremendous amounts of lag. It feels like the game moves a whole second after you press any buttons. Sometimes the game has frozen for a second, then continued, so I'm fairly sure there is lag going on. Either way though, the game is enjoyable and I'll definitely keep playing it.

The other three games that I bought were actually Monster Hunter Freedom 1,2 & Unite. This was more of an impulse buy than anything that I gotta say I regret a little. The only one I've actually played was Unite because that's the newest one at the moment, so that's the only one I'm going to talk about.

Like most people have already said about this series, it has an extremely high learning curve that is going to frustrate you to no ends. That is exactly true. I've even heard people go so far as to say that you never really master the game. you just become kinda good until the next big wall hits. I'm going to stay with the sword and shield for now, but eventually I'll move on to the dual blades because I was having way more fun with those. Still tackling the huge difficulty though, so I decided to stay with the safer route of the basic weapons.

The last three games I then got was Persona 1, Lunar: Silver Star Harmony, and Final Fantasy: Dissidia.
Persona 1 is a remake of the original Revelations: Persona that was released for the ps1 years ago. With the absolutely butchered translation, long load times, and rather boring music, the game didn't go on to make much money. Now I guess with the success Persona 3 and 4 have reached, Atlus felt maybe it was time to fix this game up. Having played the first one then giving up due to the translation, I decided to get this game to see how new they made it, not to mention it was a special collectors edition. Got to say the game is much better. It doesn't have the anime cutscenes of it's younger brothers, but the music and art style more than make up for it. The game doesn't have the dating-sim elements that 3 and 4 have either, so that may turn off fans of the series who never played the older ones (like me). I for one though like to give any game a chance, and this game manages to stand on it's own as a really good game featuring long dungeon crawls, an interesting story, and a decent demon conversation mechanic. Will probably be playing this for a while, most likely through to the conclusion.
Now Lunar: Silver Star Harmony is a game that I've been wanting to play for quite a while, ever since I heard it was coming out on the psp. I own the original ps1 remake of the game, and fell in love with the game. I thought it was an awesome rpg, even though I never did beat it. One of the main problems with the game is that it's corny as hell, though. Alex has the personality of a piece of tissue, the story doesn't go in any direction that you did not see coming and the gameplay is like still like playing an old NES RPG. But the thing is that I guess you can say that was part of Lunar's whole charm: Just how old school the game was. For many people, it was the first rpg they ever played, before Final Fantasy ever became anything special. People have a certain magical attachment to all of the characters because of that. Plus I have to say that Luna is one of the sweetest game girls I have ever seen. The game also holds a kind of sentimental quality for me, even though it wasn't the first rpg I ever played. Getting to play the remake is kind of exciting for me, discovering all the changes that were made. Got to say, i don't like some of the new voices. I guess hearing all the new voices after becoming accustomed to the original voices was too much of a shock for me to bear. Getting to play as the legendary Four Hero's at the beginning was awesome for sure. I guess maybe they might make that Lunar 0 hehe. The limited edition version of the game comes with the new remixed soundtrack (which from what I heard is complete trash) and little cards showing the girls in fanservicy moments. Funny thing is that anyone who knows Lunar knows that these are actually the unlockable Bromides from the original and first remake. These were very hard to unlock because they usually involved talking to such and such person before such and such event happened. Now though what's the point when you can just look at them? Plus maybe back then they were considered risque, but by today's standards I've seen sexier things in most late night anime. It's just not hot anymore. Still the redone graphics in the game are really good, and I love the new interface. Maybe I never beat the ps1 remake, but I'm going to try for this one.
Yeah, next is Final Fantasy Dissidia. It's that Final Fantasy fighting game that so many people can never shut up about. My friends have been telling me that the kids in their college have been playing this game to death, and I have to admit that the Squuenix fan boy in me was screaming for me to buy it. Maybe if I had picked this up before I became all serious about fighting games, I would've enjoyed it, but now to me it's just a mess. Their like no timing involved, no skill involved. You can practically just mash and win. Plus I don't like the small amount of characters. As anyone who knows me knows, I tend to play almost exclusively girls in any fighting game I play. The only exceptions are:

1) Hokuto no Ken: Kenshiro.
2) Third Srike: Ryu and Ken, though I started playing Ibuki.
3) TVC: Ken the Eagle and Zero, though I also play Jun the Swan.
4) SSF4: Guy and Cody, though I also play Ibuki, Juri, Cammy and Sakura.

Lo and Behold this game only has two girl characters. I mean sure Terra is cute as shit and makes up for it, but damn way too screw me over. It's not like they couldn't put Yuna. She was the main character in X-2 for crying out loud. And yes I'm perfectly aware it's only the main entries in the series, shut up.

Seriously though, I don't like the way the game's mechanics have been done. Everything about the game just screams that the developers had no idea what they were doing. It's like the reviews have said, it's like they were trying to turn Advent Children into an actual game. Oh well, probably won't be playing this much further once I complete the game's stories. Other than that, there's really no incentive.

Got to say, I am super happy that I got a psp. Now that there's actually game's for it that I want, it just gives the system whole new legs from when I first got it. Plus I love the whole new design; much more sleek and sexy, and not as bulky as my psp-1001. I learnt my lesson from my first psp, and decided to get a screen protector for the dust, because this thing is a dust and fingerprint magnet. Also got one of those first generation plastic hard cases for it; the one's that were originally released by Sony. I went to J & L, a famous game store located in NYC's Chinatown, to buy the hard case. The sales guy told me it was meant for the 2000 series, but that it should fit. Nope. The rubber inside prevents the entire thing from closing properly, and the plastic encasing that protects the screen and holds the psp in place presses down on the brightness button. This means that If I play a game in the casing, there are times where if i hold the case a certain way, the screen will change brightness or just shut off all together. Still the case is really awesome. It feels really tough; I don't think even a big fall would brake it. Plus, it can hold two UMD discs inside and two memory sticks. It can even fold open too hold the stand up while you watch a movie. Definetly a great case, and I am happy I bought it. That being said, If I can find a version of it built for the 3001 series, I'm probably going to migrate to that. If this case doesn't hold my psp correctly and it works this good, imagine if when I get one that actually does hold it! Sexiness!
I also bought a case for my DS Lite from Gigaware, who makes a lot of cheap merchandise for computers. Their stuff is almost only sold in Radioshack and I've mostly always been happy with their merchandise. But still, this case is not very good. Case in point: I left my DS unattended after playing Castlevania, and I accidentally pushed it off the bed. It falls, maybe, a couple of inches, and the case breaks in half. I was able to snap the case back on, and the DS was not damaged, but still, wtf? That's not very good when the case breaks before the DS does. Def gonna have to look for a better casing. Unlike the PSP case, I just don't fell safe leaving my DS in this case's hands. I'll try to upload pics once I get the chance.
Anyway, wow. I started this at the beginning of last month, and I'm done June 1st. Not good. I'm going to have to start the next as soon as I finish this one. This blog is becoming monthly. Argh. Sorry for the slow pace everyone. I'm going to start the next right now. Lates!

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