Leliana Vess, Defier of Demons

Leliana Vess, Defier of Demons
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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Another lazy day...

Ok, I’ve pretty much caught up with everything, so I’m going to try to get this back on track.

One of the newest games that I’ve been playing is Batman: Arkham Asylum: Game of the Year Edition. I was holding off on buying this game (even though I really wanted it) because I was hoping the game would get cheaper later on. Then I come and see the Game of the Year Edition and was like “Oh, that’s cool”. Before you ask, no, the 3D glasses don’t do anything. They’re completely cheap, and there’s no really noticeable 3D effect. Still, that in no way hurts the actual game. The game is still ridiculously good. So much stuff has been said about this game, and in reality it’s all true. It really is the best Batman game ever made. Arkham Asylum is one of scariest and moodiest places I’ve ever played in since Doom 3, the game made Batman into an instant bad ass, and Mark Hammil did another amazing job as the Joker. Seriously, everything about the game, from the Riddler riddles, to the predator missions, to the combat, to the exploration is all done amazingly well. I’m definitely going to keep playing this, probably until completion. I just wish I had an Internet connection so that I could download the Joker missions. Those seem like they would be very fun to play through.

I’ve also been playing UFC Undisputed 2010. I got it mostly because I wanted to try the 2009 version but when I heard the 2010 version was coming out, I thought “Naw, let me wait”. The game…is meh. It’s not really something I would’ve been okay with spending $60 on, which sadly I did. The game consists of what every single sports game under the sun does with their career mode: You’re an upcoming and coming MMA fighter who’s trying to get into “the greatest MMA league in history, the UFC”. Yeah right. I seriously hate it when any sports league sets them selves up as the best at whatever they are. Stop with the advertising, UFC. Dana White can be such a prick sometimes. I especially hated when he said that if any fighter signed on to be in EA’s MMA game, they would forever be banned from the UFC. Yeah, I hope someone seriously comes up in the ranks of another MMA league and makes White eat his words, because then he can’t hire them. I do kind of like MMA, but I don’t like how UFC just dominates the sport. They’re kind of like WWE in the way they market. But they do have the Shamrock’s, the Gracie’s, and Brock Lesnar. It’s the same thing: Both companies have the best in their sport, and they hold it over every other company to push out competition. Yeah, I know that’s business, but I still don’t like it for the simple fact that it completely kills all competition on the market. It’s also like what Microsoft has done with the computer industry. Okay, enough with the ranting.

The game is pretty much ok. It kind of reminds me of Fight Night with MMA. The game includes a very controversial submission that some people call “amazingly deep” and others call “broken and rushed”. To me, it’s not that good because pretty much as soon as the computer gets you on the floor in a submission, you’re almost guaranteed to tap out. For some reason, no matter what you do to stop it, you’re just not going to be able to. Because of that, most people just stick to their standup game. Good luck trying to keep the game standup when you’re fighting a Gracie. Plus, the game just isn’t fun when you’re only doing standup. The game gets stupid half the time, and let’s you pound on it. I don’t know, my friend Joseph keeps talking about how the game has “Smart A.I”, which will change it’s tactics depending on what you allow through and what you stop. So far, I haven’t seen it yet. It gets a lucky shot in then let’s me wail on it some more until I either rattle it and just ground and pound, or I get the one hit KO. Might sell this, but still not sure.

While I was helping a friend move her stuff out for some money, I also managed to get a cheap ($44) copy of Resonance of Fate, a game I had been wanting for quite a while. I heard a lot of good things about this game from people on Gamefaqs and Elixir on his blog, so I wanted to try it out for a while. Thing was every game store and my local GameStop had the game for $60, so when I found this copy for a much cheaper price, I just had to jump on it.

If you all are thinking about getting the game, I’m just going to advise you now that you really should play through the tutorial. It is slow, trivial, and you might think you don’t need it, but trust me; the tutorial is almost as needed as the one in Monster Hunter Freedom Unite. The battle system in the game is very long, convoluted, and will make your head spin if you just jump in without learning anything. It’s literally unlike any other battle system I’ve ever seen before. Once you get the hang of it, it’s fun, engrossing, and will make you want to get into random battles. Like most of you have probably heard, the battle system involves acrobatic and stylish gunplay, as your characters will be jumping, flipping, and shooting all over the arena and tearing new holes in their enemies. The game is fun and the production values are very well-done, so if you have been on the fence about trying this game, don’t be; give it a shot and try it out. You won’t regret it. Not unless you want a good story in your RPG. Then you’re screwed.

The last game that I have been playing is DJ Hero. I guess playing DJ MAX FEVER got me into the mood to start playing rhythm games haha. I was also able to get the game on a deal. I bought it used with the turntable for less than $55 at the Gamestop in 14th Street Union Square. The game is fun but I guess playing DJ MAX FEVER on 2x speed has gotten me used to rhythm games being much faster; the game plays very slow to me. Without a doubt the hardest thing to get used to is scratching; you have to hit the button and begin scratching right when the note starts, and let go as soon as the note ends. If you don’t, it will completely reset your combo multiplier. I can just imagine how much harder this game will get when they start incorporating the cross fader. My favorite songs so far would have to be the Grandmaster Flash tracks, even though they can be hard simply because his tracks incorporate a lot of scratching. One complaint I have to bring to the table though, is that each list of songs includes about 3 to 4 tracks, and you can’t stop in the middle, or skip to the one that you want to play. So you have to play through a marathon of about 4 every time you play, with each track lasting close to 3 to 4 minutes. The song tracks in this game are not that good either. Like Guitar Hero, they include a lot of mainstream songs that really shouldn’t be in a game about DJ’ing. Then I hear Lady Gaga is going to be in the sequel. No, no, please no. Where’s, I don’t know, the actual DJ’S!!!!! Instead it’s filled with a whole bunch of just random mainstream artists. I would really like some Pete Townshead in this. Like the music in Swordfish. As bad as Swordfish was, it did give us an awesome soundtrack, plus a glorious view of Halle Berry’s breasts. Now what isn’t worth that?

I do have a problem I’ve been trying to deal with though. As most of you know, I work two part-time jobs right now. That means I typically work 10-12 hour days Monday through Friday. What does that mean? Yeah, I’m making mad bank, but I’m also losing a ton of time. Which of course means less time for games. I must have bought more than 25 games in the last three months since I started this blog. When I only have an average of an hour or two to play. Which is sometimes taken up by watching anime, reading manga, or fighting game practice. What does this mean? It means I have a huge stockpile of games that I need to play through with very little time to even play through one. So if you’re reading this and wondering why is it that my blog seems to be more about my purchases rather than actually playing, you all know why now. On the plus side though, I managed to learn a Lili bnb that I had been trying to learn for a while as well as still learning an Asuka bnb. These are them:

Lili: DF2, DF2, DF1, 1, 2, F 1+2, DF 3+4, 3+4, BT 1+2 on wakeup

Asuka: 1+2, 1+4, 2, 1, 1+2, WS 1, 4

The Asuka bnb is way better than the previous juggle I had been using:

1+2, 1+4, 1+4, D2, an end with either 1+4 or dash forward DB 4, 3

Well, into anime and manga. In Anime I managed to catch up with Chihiro’s releases of K-on!! Got to say, episode 5, which focused on Ui, Azusa, and Junko, was actually pretty funny. Girls can get so bored. Not to mention the ending, which had them playing a song, pretty much confirmed my feelings that they will become the new K-on group once Yui and them graduate. You all watch, you’re going to see I’m completely right by the end and then you’ll all feel stupid. Let’s see in terms of all the episodes so far, we have the graduation, them getting a turtle, the obligatory senior trip to Kyoto along with another obligatory bath scene, an episode focusing on the characters who don’t get any screen time, plus a whole lot of renshu, renshu, renshu. It’s amazing how the producer’s can come up with such boring ideas for episodes, yet we all still watch it. It’s like the Seinfeld of anime. Not to mention, I still watch it. I shit on this series a lot too. Almost like a wife that keeps running back to her abusive husband, I just keep running back to it, knowing that it would not in particular fulfill me or make me very happy, but at the very least it will be there for me when nothing else will. I’ll most likely keep watching the second season until it’s eventual completion.

In manga I have started reading an old manga named Buso Renkin (you might have heard of it). It was the newest manga created by one of my favorite manga-ka’s, Nobuhiro Watanuki. It’s a shonen action/adventure manga about a boy who tries to save a girl, and thus gets caught up in a giant war between Homunculi and warriors who use alchemy to destroy them. I decided to buy all ten volumes in one sitting so that I can just read straight through them. Plus, I got them on a deal in Forbidden Planet, where you can buy three volumes of any manga priced at 7.99, like Buso Renkin, for only 19.99. So it ended up being quite a good deal for me at the end. So far I’m still in the middle of vol. 1 but once I finish I’ll post my thoughts on the series.

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