Leliana Vess, Defier of Demons

Leliana Vess, Defier of Demons
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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Ah, motto ossoi entori da. Tsukaretan da ze.

The sad part is that this feels more like work than anything. Arggh. Anyway, let me not waste anymore time and get straight to it.

The first game that I’ve been playing….wow I don’t even know the time frame anymore. Oh well, the first game I’m going to talk about is a game that definitely qualifies for my commitment to playing hard games. I just started playing the unequivocal, undeniable, considered one of the hardest games ever created. I am of course talking about that one game that can send gamers over the deep end and makes controllers cringe in fear. That game is….Demon Souls.

Oh my God, this game is stupid hard. I mean, what can be said about it that hasn’t already been said. Basically, how the game works is that you’re a fighter for peace in a world where the human race has gone virtually extinct due to demons. The over all mood and atmosphere of the game is extremely foreboding and ominous, and it definitely makes you feel the way it’s supposed to make you feel: You stand absolutely no chance against the monsters coming after you. In this game, death comes for you every time you make a step. The regular enemies alone can be hard to handle. Here are some reasons why just the first stage is hard:

1) The weakest enemies in the game can kill you in two to three hits.

2) Blocking causes you to take small amounts of damage on every hit you block.

3) Herbs heal like a fraction of your life bar.

4) The first boss of the game can kill you in two hits when you’re not a phantom, and I believe one when you are a phantom

5) When you die, you lose all your experience, all your items, and start at the beginning.

6) You can’t improve your abilities until you beat the first level.

It’s too the point where it can take you more than 20 hours to get pass the first level. Just as an example, the average gamer is completely capable of beating Ninja Gaiden 2 on normal through their first play through, while Vanilla Ninja Gaiden 1 was harder, but still beatable. Bayonetta everyone can beat eventually. Vanilla DMC 3 was challenging once you start playing the game correctly and notice the enemy patterns. Castleroid Castlevania’s were hard until you learn the enemy patterns and react accordingly. Non-Castleroid Castlevania’s were hard mostly due to cheap deaths, but were still beatable. Izuna the Unemployed Ninja was made so that death was inevitable, but surmountable. Demon Souls, however, is hard, just because it’s hard. Like most people have said, your personal skill as a player will keep you living way longer than over leveling or spamming certain things. Knowing how to react to enemies and how to maneuver is the key to getting anywhere with this game. I’ll try to stay with this until I can beat it, but…wow, it’s almost too hard to take.

Another game that I’m playing is of course, the one game that came out last month that everyone’s playing now. Here’s a hint.

“Indestructible, nobody’s gonna stop me now-“

Nah, fuck that shit.


Yeah, Super Street Fighter 4.

This game does what every sequel aims to do: Improves on everything that made the original game great and fixes everything that it did wrong. One of the main problems that everyone had with the original was just the majority of the top tier characters (Sagat, Ryu, Balrog, Bison, Ken, Rufus) all play a very turtlely style, and the game at the higher levels was just characters using projectiles, spacing and footsies. Not exactly fun to watch. So for the new title, just about all the new characters added to the game are very offensive based. The Third Strike characters all have chain combos or very big mix-ups, and Adon, Juri, Cody and Guy are all offensive beasts that can completely avoid fireballs. Sadly though, the one character that I was really looking forward to, Juri, has so far been a disappointment. Her main shit is just Pinwheel and EX dive kick into Ultra. Otherwise, it just feels like she has nothing. I’m pretty sure that someone will one day make Feng Shui engine completely broken, but until then, well, she’s gonna end up being scrub bait. Also, I think they seriously put just a huge amount of effort into Cody. He is just too cool to put to words. I actually know a ton of people who would pay the $40 price just for Cody. Plus his link combos are redonk. Guy is also really cool, though I don’t like what they did with his voice in the JP audio. He speaks with the stereo-typical Samurai accent that anime is giving ninja all of a sudden. As an example, it’s how Kaede in Negima! speaks (-de gozaru, sessha). He still sounds cool but the voice begins to annoy. I actually happen to like his English voice actor, but there’s just one problem with that: “Profound Sadness!!”. Capcom, what are you doing, guys? Are you actually trying with this?

Another game that I’ve been playing is the absolutely awesome DJ MAX: FEVER. I saw a friend of mine playing it, and then Chinatown Fair has had a copy of the arcade edition, and quite frankly the game is great. I have heard that the psp edition has a wealth of bugs though, so I might look to download the game again off of PSN. It’s a rhythm game similar to ddr or guitar hero, but just way better because this game doesn’t use crappy licensed music like ddr does, and instead uses all original music. Usually it’s trance, hip-hop, or techno. The music choices in the game are all very good, even though some songs are more popular than others. You can’t see a single person at Chinatown Fair play without playing Oblivion at least once lol. I think my favorite song on the game is “Stay With Me”. It’s the very first song that I would say I can Max Combo on a regular basis. I just want to improve my accuracy on that song before I go for some other ones. I also have been playing Oblivion, but there’s now way I’m going to be able to Max Combo that song for a while. I can see why it’s popular, but still that’s kind of ridiculous that every person who plays this game eventually plays this song. It’s good but wow. Plus I like the fact that I can play this version for free because it’s $1.50 to play every time in Chinatown Fair. I would like to save some money to play Tekken you know guys. Plus the card from what I heard is like $8, and you need the card in order to save your progress and save all the items and songs that you unlocked. A friend of mine actually invested in the card because he plays the game all most every time that he goes. I, personally, don’t think I’m going to play the game enough to warrant buying the card. I’m sorry but most other games at Chinatown Fair are only 50 cents a pop now that Tekken 6 and Super Street Fighter 4 went down. I don’t see the point of $1.50 for a game that I don’t even play often or that is only single player. That’s like what’s going on with the Terminator: Salvation game that’s in Chinatown Fair right now. Why would you have an arcade famous in the fighting game community, and have all these non-fighting games there when no one plays them? At least with DDR people actually play those games like all hell, but whatever. God, I started ranting again. Change of subject.

I’ve also bought the two Metal Gear Acid games on the psp. After hearing some views of the players on Gamefaqs, I’ve decided to beat 1 before I go to 2. The games have no connection in terms of story, but I’ve heard that playing the first one helps you appreciate the changes made in the second game. Also, I’ve heard people say that once you play the second one, you’ll never want to play the first one ever again. Anyway, the games are very strategic and addicting. I’m not going to go to deep into it because the game is so old, and because you can just read a review of the game if you’re curious. Suffice to say that the game is very fun, even though quite frankly I die quite a bit due to not being so good of a strategist. Might try to see if I can unlock every card in the game. There’s only about 200, so it shouldn’t be as hard as 2, which has more than 500 cards. The funny thing is that the games aren’t considered part of the MGS canon, and for this reason many people don’t even touch the series. Are you really not going to play a game in a series juts because it has no bearing on the canon of said series? That’s just idiotic.

In anime, I finally got to watch a huge chunk of Sora no Woto, getting all the way to 11 I believe. Some of the episodes were sad, some were funny, though now it looks like the series is finally going to progress in terms of it’s story with the war. Even though they finally revealed that the girl Yoshika and Rio knew was the princess of the kingdom and Rio’s sister, thus revealing that her sempai is the other princess of the kingdom. Big shocker huh? The series still reminds me of Strike Witches btw. Also finished Sasameki Koto a while back. The series quite frankly had a horrible ending. They don’t even say if Kazama and Tsumi actually hooked up or not. The final episode was them just trying to call each other while Tsumi was on vacation. I hate it when animes end like that. Except for the crappy ending, the series was actually good too. Oh well. Other than that I’m also trying to catch up on K-On!! Because I’ve only seen up to ep.4, and I believe the series is up to ep.9 by now or something. It’s going to take me a while to catch up. While the series was slightly improving on the comedy, I still think that the series has become a moe-bait anime more than anything at the moment. Oh well, this series is supposed to be around 50 episodes. Hopefully in the course of that they find a way to improve on the direction they’re trying to take this series in. I’ll still watch it, but it’s going to have to have to improve soon. Besides that, there’s really nothing else that I’ve been watching.

In manga though, I have been reading this one volume of Higurashi. Ah, this anime. I saw both series way back last year at my friends Joseph and Chris’s urgings. They couldn’t shut up about how good this anime was. I also heard a ton of people talk about it on some anime/manga sites that I frequent. So I watch both and, quite frankly, I just didn’t like the anime. Knowing me, it has everything to do with the characters. The sad thing is that I hate just about all the characters in the series. Keichi is a fucking annoying ass cunt, Rika tries to be cute when she’s not, Satoko is God’s vengeance for our sins, and Rika is just an annoying bitch. The only characters I even remotely like are Shion and Mion, and that’s mostly because I love twins. The main problem that happens when I hate the characters in an anime is that I end up wishing hateful shit on them. Like when Shion went insane and chained Satoko to a cross and repeatedly stabbed her with a knife, I ate that shit up. I laughed and giggled like it was a Chris Rock show. Seeing a character I don’t like get brutally murdered just makes my sadistic side come out. Yes, I feel bad, but I don’t feel the least bit repentant. Fuck that bitch. However, surprisingly enough, I read the manga version of my favorite arc, when Shion and Mion are the main bad guys, and I actually really enjoyed the art. It was very good quite frankly. I loved how the artist made Shion and Mion really moe and cute. It was nice to see them blushing. Though I don’t care for how he tried to make Keiichi into a tsundere. That kind of thing just doesn’t work. So I get into the manga version of Higurashi and seriously consider buying the rest of the series. Wait, what’s that? The artist of the manga’s change depending on the arc? Yeah, that’s right. Naturally, the rest of the volumes art sucks in comparison to the artist of my fav arc. Great, once again, Higurashi disappoints me. I don’t know why I bother with the series.

So now, that this blog is done, I’m going to get cracking on the next. Laterz!

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