Leliana Vess, Defier of Demons

Leliana Vess, Defier of Demons
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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Record of Agarest Debacle

So after browsing the Gamestop website, I come to find out that a Gamestop barely a train ride away from me had a copy of Record of Agarest War. So naturally I went right after work to buy it. Hoo boy. If I wasn’t having such a tough time getting this game I wouldn’t have bothered. I’ll try to take a pic of the game later on so you can all see what I mean, but wow, the box was completely messed up. Bent in a whole bunch of places, the thing looked like it was tossed like a football. Then the clerks had the nerve to tell me it was brand new. You can just look at the wrapping and tell that someone opened it, looked at what the free goodies were, and then shrink-wrapped the box again. Sad part is that it was a Gamestop employee that I happen to know. Might try to buy another copy of the game in better condition, but at the very least, every single thing was there. The Limited Edition version of the game (called the Really Naughty Edition, and the only version of the game sold in the states) comes with a felt pillow case of Erris, a lol mouse pad of Vira-lor, and a copy of the game with the included soundtrack. I would just like to say the art of the game is beautiful. Like, it’s amazingly good art, and I am probably going to do some research to see if the artist of this game has done any Visual Novels. Somehow the art reminds me of the amazing art that you can find in Shuffle!; even though I’ve never seen that anime before, I have seen the art, which also heavily impressed me. I’m actually considering doing a review of this game on Youtube, just so I can show off the collector’s edition stuff. If I do decide to, I will post a link later on.

The game itself is really fun. Since this is all I’m going to talk about this blog entry, I’ll give everyone a short synopsis. Basically, Record of Agarest War, (known as Agarest Senki in Japan) is a SRPG that became ridiculously popular over in Japan. The game mixes a competent SRPG with lots of Dating-Sim elements. When the young knight Leonhardt betrays his kingdom in order to save a young elfin girl, he is visited by the elf version of C.C., who then gives him the secret power of the Geass so that he can take revenge on the head of the empire for killing his mother and blinding the young elfin girl in an attack…
Yeah I’m just kidding. Actually after saving the young elfin girl from his fellow soldiers, he is on the brink of death when he is visited by a young woman named Dyshana, who makes a deal with him: She will revive him and give him the power to save the young elfin girl, and in exchange he and his kin must become her Spirit Vessels, whatever these are is not revealed until later as the story goes on. Due to the way this game works, you actually take control of five different main characters, and for each character, you must gain a bride (thus the dating sim elements), then you play as the resulting son, who inherits skills and qualities of his parents. I wonder what would’ve happened had they had a daughter…Anyway, with this system you can actually play through each of the five generations, which I guess each act like a chapter within the story. The game’s battle system sadly, is nothing really unique, as it is your standard fare. The funny thing is that the in-game graphics look a lot like Idea Factory’s other SRPG, Cross Edge; the only difference is that instead of a side view like in a fighting game, the game takes an angled overhead view. The game also features a pretty deep combo system, which allows you to bring other party members in during your attack, in exchange for exhausting your characters AP and only as long as they are on connecting points on the field. It’s actually pretty useful when you’re fighting one enemy, as you can choose everyone to attack right away then separate, thus killing the enemy before they can take their turn. The game’s characters are all very interesting, and like I said, the art is utterly amazing. The music in the game is of middling quality, much like Cross Edge. The majority of the tunes you will forget, however because of the 360’s ability to play any music you have stored on the hard drive, this completely negates the complaint in my opinion. Gameplay is your standard SRPG fare. You travel on a world map to different points where either a story point may take place, or a battle may take place. The actual battles themselves can range from being rather easy level-grind fare or requiring actual strategy, depending on how far in the game you are. I’m still at the beginning, so the battles are still fairly easy. I’m going to finish this game without a doubt so I’ll let you know how the game is when I’m done. By the way, Vira-Lorr is mine. You can’t have her.

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