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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Persona 3 Portable > everything else

Geez, I've had close to 5 blogs done and completely forgot to upload them all these days! You guys are going to get alot of updates so, be ready. In their chronological order, this is the newest one.

Finally got Persona 3 Portable, and the game is god-like. Being able to play one of my most favorite RPG’s of all time with all new content, including a redone battle system, new features like a part-time job, faster load times, and being able to play as a female main protagonist, all for the low price of $40? And I can play it on the go? There’s no way I can’t jump on that! The only thing better would be if they released it with the Answer, but then it would take two discs, so I wasn’t even holding my breath for something like that. That would cost Atlus way too much money.

Like I’ve said, the game comes with huge amounts of bonus content, not just the female protagonist. When you begin the game, you can choose to play as either Minato, the Male MC, with who you will play an enhanced version of the original game with, or the female MC, who changes the game around plenty. The main changes included with her are entirely new Social Links, some new Persona, and new menu layouts. The Social Links in which she is involved with SEES, have been changed around so that you date the male members of the team, namely Junpei, Akihiko, and Shinjiro, instead of the female members like Mitsuru and Yukari. One of the main problems that people have with this is, aside from the fact that you date a man when you, the player, are most likely a man (yo-hey) but the female protagonist cannot date any of the females. I personally thought this sucked because it wouldn’t be the first time that one of the characters became gay. In Persona 2, one of the male main characters fell in love with the male protagonist, and you could choose to pursue the relationship. Also, they could have just made the relationship tasteful, like in a Yuri anime. I would’ve been all for that; I’m a big fan of Yuri anime, simply because usually the relationships are very sweet. They easily could have done that with this game. Like someone on Gamefaqs said, “If I was a girl I wouldn’t mind becoming gay” lol.

Anyway, pro’s of the game:

1. Point Blank: it’s an enhanced remake of one of the best rpg’s ever released on the ps2.

2. Included female protagonist actually affects the story and changes things around a lot.

3. Battle systems changes include Persona 4 battle system specifics, including being able to control the other party members, more ways to avoid the dreaded one hit kill attacks, being able to guard and party member attacks when the opponent is down.

4. Once you’ve installed the data to your psp, there are nearly zero load times; the game has been optimized to load extremely fast, as opposed to the ps2 original and FES, where the load times were a tad too long.

5. The game has been optimized with a visual novel style game engine, which not only helps speed up the load times, but also makes the game perfect for fast, on the go gameplay.

6. May have to check if this is true, but I believe there are new Persona’s available.

7. Playing as the female protagonist injects brand new songs into the game, including a new battle theme. Also, she’s ridiculously cute :)


1. Because the game system has been slightly changed for a style similar to Persona 4, the main protagonists can no longer switch their weapons; Minato is stuck using a katana, and the Female Protagonist is stuck using a naginata. It makes sense since Japanese men have been practicing Kenjutsu and Japanese women have been practicing Naginata-jutsu since the samurai days, but it irks me because I prefer to use the rapier. Oh well, I’m sure I’ll get used to it like I did with 4.

2. At certain points with the voice acting, the voiced characters will sometimes accidentally call the Female Protagonist “he” instead of “she”. I don’t know if this is a bug in the game, a mistake by Atlus, or Atlus just got lazy and didn’t do new voices for the whole game, but it’s kind of jarring. I barely played the game for an hour before coming across one of these, so that’s not good. It makes it look like Atlus does not know what they’re doing or that they’re cheap, and doesn’t look good on them.

3. All the anime cutscenes in the original game have been completely removed, and replaced either with the in-game engine, or with the VN game engine. While this isn’t anything bad by itself, the cutscenes they replaced them with lack the punch the original cutscenes had. As an example, the cutscene when the main character gained her persona. They played the boss background music for the part, and the song unfortunately didn’t fade out, or even lower when she said “persona”. This is an epic cutscene in the original but in the remake she whispers it with the music blaring. This makes it impossible to hear her, and takes the epic-ness out of the cutscene. Keep in mind I’m playing the game with earphones, and even then I barely heard her.

Still, the cons with the game don’t add up to truly mar the experience of this amazing game. If you love story, the story is both epic, in saving the world from the Shadows, and down to earth, in that all of your Social Links typically have some kind of moral dilemma, or are going through some kind of problem that maybe you or you’re friends have gone through at one point. If you like a good battle rpg, the battle system is fast yet strategic, and requires almost as much strategy as an SRPG. If you don’t plan out your moves, buff your party members, and weaken your enemies, as well as attack their weaknesses, then you are going to get utterly destroyed once you get to a boss. If you like great music, then Meguro Shoji, the man who created the music for numerous Atlus games, in particular the Trauma Center series, made some of his greatest hits in this game, as the music pallet sweeps between Classical, hip-hop, rock, and Japanese pop. If you like great characters, P3 has some of the best characters in rpg’s, each of them having their own unique personalities, traits, goals, pasts, and none of them fall into dumb-ass anime stereo-types. If you like unique game-play, the game combines elements of the rpg, srpg, rouge-likes, dating sims and Visual Novels into a game in which all come together into an amazingly cohesive blend that at one makes the game challenging, heart-warming, pulse-pounding and memorable. If you haven’t experienced this amazing gem, get out and buy this game now. If you have, there’s enough in the game to warrant yet another trip through the Dark Hour and Tartarus.

Another game that I have bought but have yet to play is Tales of Symphonia for the Nintendo Gamecube. Great, another Tales game I have to play through. I mean, how many do I have to play through right now?

1. Tales of Vesperia (the main one I’ve been playing)

2. Tales of the Abyss (was actually pretty far in this one, then stopped for whatever reason)

3. Tales of Hearts (playing through in Japanese)

4. Tales of Innocence (with the English Patch)

5. Tales of Symphonia JP PS2 edition (played through for about an hour, couldn’t understand the majority of the kanji and gave up).

6. Tales of Rebirth (never once played)

7. Tales of Destiny (also never played once)

I swear, I must be the biggest Tales fan out there who’s never beaten one of the games. The closest I’ve come so far is with Abyss, since that was my first game in the series. As I said before I was looking to try to buy a copy of the game from Gamestop, but the day that I went they had already sold the copy. Now they ended up getting another copy, which I bought almost immediately when I saw it. Even though the case and book were a little grummy, it still had the original book and case, and with Gamestop I should just be happy with that. Once I’ve played it though I’ll talk about it more.

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