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Leliana Vess, Defier of Demons
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Monday, September 20, 2010

My feelings on Street Fighter X Tekken.

The funny thing about this game was that the first time I ever heard of it, it was a rumor thread on SRK. Someone said that someone he knew told him Capcom was in talks to make a fighting game crossover between Street Fighter and Tekken. Of course everyone thought they were talking about Namco X Capcom 2. This was then defunked because the title of the game was Street Fighter X Tekken. This alone means it will strictly be Street Fighter versus Tekken characters. When first heard of the idea and the rumor mills got started, my first immediate thought was that this was some bullshit that someone had thought would be cool. A lot of the rumors started on SRK do turn out to be true, in fact a lot of the time, but like with any site any rumors you read or hear about need to be taken with a grain of salt. I also thought it was a terrible idea simply because of how different the fighting games are. Tekken relies almost strictly on mixups, poking, superior movement and juggles, and lots of knowledge on the frame data of each of the characters. Street Fighter relies on poking, mixups, zoning, spacing, footsies, and just general fighting game expertise. The more you know about the game, the better you’ll be. Not to mention one is a 2D game and the other is a 3D game. How in the world would they be able to do it?

Then I check again and boom, the game was announced. Like any fighting game fan, I viewed it with a mixture of hype and speculation. It just didn’t seem like a viable game to me simply because it just sounded like a bad idea. But at the same time, the idea opened up a lot of dream matches. Sakura vs. Asuka, Lily vs. Karin, Ryu vs. Kazuya, Ken vs. Jin, Bison vs. Heihachi, Cody vs. Bryan, Adon vs. Bruce Irvin, Balrog vs. Steve Fox, Juri vs. Zafina. It’s almost to many to believe, though it all depends on how many characters they are planning on including in the game. It’s kind of a dumb, yet brilliant idea. It’s one of those ideas in which they could go either way, and its success and failure totally depends on how Capcom handles it. To me, they would need to include at least 40 characters. Both series have numerous characters that they could include, and both series usually feature from 20 to 40 characters in each entry. This may or may not come to fruition because they are using new character designs for the Tekken characters. The Tekken designs seem to be primarily based off of the Tekken 6 designs, and the Street Fighters are obviously based off the SF4 designs. In my opinion, this means that Capcom is going to include only characters from SF4, and not other characters from other games, since Capcom has already shown that they are reluctant to make new characters with the engine because it’s a long process that costs them money, similar to SNK with the new King of Fighters. Plus it would mean less time creating graphics and more time fine-tuning the game play. Truth be told, I’m wondering how they are going to balance the game play, because I know the Fighting game community is going to be taking this game very seriously. Capcom thus better make the game some how better than SSF4 in my opinion. SSF4 is cool and everything, but as a fighting game, it kind of feels like ass. It’s certainly fun, of course. I don’t think Capcom is capable of making a non-fun SF. People talk about how SSF4 is very hype, but keep in mind that’s every fighting game. Any fighting game will get hype around a large group of people. Some more than others, i.e. Marvel and Melty. That’s pretty much the nature of the beast; nothing gets men more excited than the thought of battle. Except maybe breasts lol. Just because SSF4 gets hype does not mean that it is a good game. I’ve already talked about how SSF4 can destroy your execution if you allow it to, but it also creates bad habits for players. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen 4 players try to do wakeup Shoryuken in third strike, and fuck up the timing. Do to the brokenness of the move in 4, a lot of players seriously try to catch their opponent with it every single time. Truth be told, even I’ve been guilty of it. I cut it out though once I start playing third strike or turbo. Online, moving close to the opponent on knockdown, backdashing, then punishing their whiffed move on their way down is a completely reliable way to beat many opponents. This however creates bad habits for both players, because how many times have you ever seen a whiffed srk at Evo? This is also why I don’t think playing online is a good way to practice for serious competition. Is it viable? Certainly, if you have a godlike internet connection and have a knack for only finding good opponents who know what they are doing. Is it the best option? No way. Maybe I’m spoiled since I actually have an arcade, the legendary Chinatown Fair, near my home, as well as a pretty large fighting game community here in NY. But even if I do have to pay $1.00 every time I play Street Fighter there, at the very least I’m facing some of the best competition in my state. This is much better than facing random scrubs online before finally facing someone who knows what they are doing. Scrubs don’t care because all they see is that it’s more money that they have to pay. And this isn’t to say I’m cocky. I’m really not. I actually suck at Street Fighter. Tekken, I’m ok; Blazblue; I’m ok. Street Fighter I’m almost free. To the point that with my local comp, that’s my nickname. I wouldn’t say I’m free, necessarily, I’m just still learning, whereas I’m playing people that are seriously good. I’m still learning most of the concept of footsies, zoning and spacing, whereas everyone has these fundamentals down already. That alone means I’m at a disadvantage. However, many of my local players have told me “you’re not very good, but everyone now and then you just change and get surprising. Like all of a sudden you get good for no reason. Then you become shit again. You’re not good at all, but an opponent can’t sleep on you”. Certainly the best compliment I’ve ever received, besides a CF Tekken player telling me “you’re Lili makes me want to learn how to low parry consistently”. That one was very funny. Not to mention how mad some players get when I use Asuka and her Standing 1+2. That’s always fun.

Woah, I got distracted, back to the topic. Anyway, if Street Fighter X Tekken is going to be taken seriously, I believe they need to make the gamer much tighter than SSF4. SSF4 sometimes seems to reward the scrubby player more than the professional at times. I would like to see this game be much tighter in controls and allow the better player to win more often; they especially need to get rid of the games easy inputs. I don’t think that will fly very well with the Tekken players, because the majority of Tekken players prefer their game to be extremely tight. Hence the reason why so many of them use Korean sticks or else pads. They are going to be the very first ones to complain if Capcom gives Tekken the easy inputs.

Another decision with the game that I am intrigued by is that there will be two different version of the game being released: A 2d game using the Street Fighter engine, and a 3d game using the Tekken engine. The main question that everyone has at this point is the pricing, and how Capcom is going to release the games. Will both be separate, but budget priced at $40? Will they release both together for the limited edition price of $80? Or will they be assholes and release both separately at the full price? I personally am banking on the first, because Capcom has already shown they are more than willing to release games on budget-prices (SSF4) and because I don’t think Capcom and Namco would be that dicky about it. Though I do have a strong distrust of Namco because of their utter assery and fail to us Tales fans, but that’s a whole different story. If they were to be assholes and went with the third choice, everyone will either not buy the game or buy only one version. Hell, people would probably wait to buy the games used and Gamestop would make more money than either company. I bet Capcom didn’t exactly think of that. Either way, I think that $60 would be way too much for the game. Now if they released them both together in some collector’s edition set for about $80, then I wouldn’t mind. It’s not like both companies are losing money. They more than make up the money they lose just from SSF4 and T6 in Japan and Korea. But then again, what do I know? They want more money anyway.

I am definetly interested in exactly how the two games are supposed to gel. How are the Tekken characters going to get past fireballs? What are the Street Fighters juggles going to look like? Will the Street Fighters keep their special moves? Will the Tekken fighters get special moves added, and if so what kinds? What is the story of this damn game going to be like? Which characters will be featured? What is and isn’t going to make the cut? How will the fighting system turn out? Will the characters incorporate Chain Combos and Bounds? There’re so many questions about the game and just not enough answers!

In the trailer in which we saw Ryu/Chun-Li vs Kazuya/Nina, I have to say I didn’t see it, but numerous other people did: apparently Kazuya can dash under fireballs. I hope it’s only him. That’s going to be very stupid if they do decide that the Tekken characters will all be able to just dash under fireballs. I say stupid because there’s no skill involved in dashing under them. It will completely nullify any kind of zoning game for Ryu and any other fireballer. The same thing happened in Third Strike; the addition of the parry completely took away from half of Ryu’s zoning game. Which isn’t to say you can’t zone with him in Third Strike; Its just much harder since you can’t spam fireball all day. Still, parries completely neutralized the utter usefulness of the fireball, but at the very least it requires skill to consistently parry fireballs. I can’t see dashing under fireballs as requiring much skill. I was hoping that they were going to come up with some unique addition to the system that would stop people from zoning the Tekken fighters. Hopefully, the window for dashing under the Hadoken will be very tight and require precise timing, or else Kazuya will be the only character that’s capable of it. Another thing to wonder is how exactly the Tekken character’s play styles will mesh with the street fighters. Steve will be able to mix up and overhead Balrog to death once he’s able to get close enough; Ryu and Kazuya will be a deadly zoning game. Nina vs Chun-li will be a basic frame advantage battle between Chun-Li’s FA (if they keep it) and Nina’s 1,2 jabs. How are the charge characters going to play also? You’re not going to be able to sit back and charge while a Tekken fighters just walks up and overhead/juggles you to death, which means characters like Boxer, Dictator, Chun and Guile are going to get owned. I’m 90% sure also that all of the new characters in SSF4 (Viper, Fuerte, Rufus, Juri, and Hakan) are all going to be in the game since they are the Street Fighters with the least screen time. Plus, certain fights would make more sense with them. Shouldn’t Nina fight Viper since they’re both secret agent/ assassin types? Couldn’t the same be said for Anna/ Cammy or Juri? Paul and Abel are both practioners of Judo; the only difference is that Abel relies more on grapples where-as Paul relies more on strikes. What about Hakan vs Ganryu? Hakan is already friends with Honda, maybe he knows another Sumo, or maybe Honda trained Ganryu in the past and wants to fight his sensei’s rival. Hell, maybe Ganryu wants to fight one of the best wrestlers in general out there. Rufus and Bob would be an obvious fight waiting to happen. Knowing Rufus’s low level of intelligence, maybe he thinks Bob is Ken. I’ve always said that Bob is basically Ken if Ken put on 300 pounds. El Fuerte could take up a match with King or Armor King for who is truly the best at Lucha Libre. They’re so many different ways they can take the story that it is ridiculous. Being from how we saw Kazuya in the trailer, I’m guessing this means we’ll be seeing Devil popping up. But yeah needless to say, I can’t wait for this new fighting game.

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