Leliana Vess, Defier of Demons

Leliana Vess, Defier of Demons
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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Demi Gods, Dog Gods and the Undead

Just received some of the items that I bought from E-bay.
One of them was the Wonder Woman animated movie that came out some time around last year that completely escaped my notice. Then again, like I said, comic book break.
The movie is quite obviously what you would expect of Wonder Woman’s first animated movie; it’s an origin story. We get to see the birth of Wonder Woman from an excited teenager who wants to see the outside world, to the superhero we all know and love, as she takes on the God of War Ares and his minions. If there is anything about the movie that I could seriously complain about, its that they add some random airplane pilot into the mix, who introduces Wonder Woman to the outside world, is the very first man she’s ever met. As the story goes on, they seem to fall in love, and at the end, it seems they are at least living together.
Edit: I’m an ass. I just found out that that guy has been there from her earliest beginnings. My mind is blown.
Personally, I am against this for one specific reason: Wonder Woman, in my eyes, will never be tied down. Especially not to someone who is completely human. I actually don’t agree with Wonder Woman falling in love with anyone; to me, she should always stay a virgin. To me, that’s just part of her mythos. Still a good thing movie though; I would recommend to any fans of Wonder Woman or anyone with a passing interest in the character.
Another purchase was the first two movies in the Evil Dead series, Evil Dead and Evil Dead 2. I didn’t buy Army of Darkness because I already have that movie on VHS. I’ve been a fan of the series for quite a while now, so getting to watch the first two movies in the series is really cool. So far, the only one I’ve seen though is the first movie. I was actually genuinely surprised by how violent the movie was; Army of Darkness was never anywhere near this violent when I first watched it. This one has people getting stabbed, mutilated, and there’s even a instance where a woman is raped by tree vines! It’s like the director Sam Reimi was a fan of La Blue Girl before he made this movie. The violence isn’t anything large by today’s standards, but it was enough to make me a little wary. I don’t have much of a stomach for gore sadly. Big reason why I have yet to see Ichi the Killer. Still, it was a very entertaining movie, and it was very interesting to see main character Ash as a bit of a coward rather than the badass he is portrayed as in every other Evil Dead movie. At least the vine rape scene wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, it wasn’t very graphic at all, nothing like the aforementioned hentai. I also liked the movie’s visuals considering just how old the movie was and the small budget that it was shot with. It’s obvious why fans were so interested in the movie. Highly recommended. I have yet to see the second movie, but I will most likely post about it once I actually get around to watching it.
Also bought about three Poke’mon TCG theme decks, one being one of the World’s champion decks. I’m genuinely surprised by how much the card game has changed from when I was a kid. Namely, most of the poke’mon from the original sets would get their asses killed going into battle with some of the newer ones. Its crazy. Everything from damage to hit points has been severely upgraded. The decks have proven a lot of fun, and my sister and I got them mainly just so we could catch up on the current events of the card game.
Also decided to buy Trinity Universe, the PS3 game made by the kings of mediocre JRPG’s, Idea Factory and Critical Heart. These are the same people that made Cross Edge, Record of Agarest War, and upcoming in America, Hyperdimension Neptunia. A lot of people generally hate the company due to their legacy of making substandard JRPG’s. I  have actually come to like their games; maybe it’s the otaku in me, or maybe it’s just a general thing for shitty games, but something about them attracts me. Anyway, the story of Trinity Universe is very simple: a dog god named Kanata is trying to find out how he can save the universe without being turned into a gem, a play on the kanji making his Japanese name, InuMaou, or Demon Dog King. By taking one part of his Kanji and adding it to another as shown in the opening video, this name becomes Demon God Gem. He thus needs to be turned into a gem like his ancestors in a ritual so that he can protect the capital of the NetherUniverse from being destroyed. However, doing so means his life will end without going on an adventure, and he thus brakes out of jail with his loyal vassal Tsubaki so that he can find a way to cure his lust for adventure, and save the capital at the same time without being turned into a gem. The game, like most crossover RPG’s, is absolutely hysterical. It was localized by NIS America, the same people who localized the Disgaea series. While their localizations are not always accurate, they have a real knack for injecting the series with huge amounts of humor, which really shines in this game since the Disgaea characters make an appearance. The interesting thing about this game is that, unlike Idea Factory’s other games that I’ve played, the character’s are rendered in 3D as opposed to 2D. While the graphics for the 3D portion are mostly middling, the 2D graphics are amazing, with the characters moving and talking as the speech comes. It looks really amazing, particularly on a HD TV. The battle system is something like Xenosaga ep1, where you press three buttons to attack, basically weak, strong, and magical, all of which will drain your AP as you attack. Certain enemies are weaker to certain types of attacks, and certain attack combos lead to special attacks which hit for big damage.
Another thing that sets this game apart from the rest is that this game features two different playable protagonists; the aforementioned Kanata, and the Valkyrie Rizelia. While I haven’t played as Rizelia yet, her gameplay is supposed to be harder than Kanata’s, and her story features more Gust characters while Kanata’s features more Disgaea characters. The game so far has been highly enjoyable, and in particular I have really come to like Tsubaki, the Yamato Nadeshiko with an evil streak. She happens to be voiced by Ayana Taketatsu-kun, the voice actor for Azusa in K-on. Hearing Ayana-kun talk in a delinquent voice when she gets angry is ridiculously hysterical, especially coming from her. Definitely will keep playing this. I’ll post about Rizelia’s gameplay after I beat the game with Kanata.

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