Leliana Vess, Defier of Demons

Leliana Vess, Defier of Demons
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Monday, January 3, 2011

I’ve managed to download the entire Poke’mon anime series, from the original season 1 to season 11. I need to try to get Season 12, however that season is pretty hard to get as a batch with the JP subs, and the English season is not done yet as far as I know. I find it pretty easy to just watch the anime if you just imagine what the characters are saying in Japanese. While the English voices are terrible, they’re not unbearable. At least the company dubbing it is keeping true to the JP anime, and not changing the story or anything, which is something that could have happened. My sister is extremely happy about it, as now she can watch the original anime like I remember. The only reason she’s even stopped watching it is to play the game.
My sister’s favorite poke’mon goes:

Even though she only uses three of the above for actual battle. I’m trying to beat the game so that I can finally battle her on a level playing field. Since she’s way past me in the game, her Poke’mon continually whoop my ass. How far ahead of me? In Pearl and SoulSivler, she’s beaten the game. In Platinum I have 6 badges and in SoulSilver I have 3. Being that she is finally into the series after trying so long to convince her, I don’t want her enthusiasm to get crushed by not being able to play with me.
I do want to talk about the upcoming English release of Poke’mon Black and White.
As most fans who keep up with Poke’mon know, Nintendo has released the English names of the first three starters. They are now:
Tsutaaja: Snivy
Pokabu: Tepig
Mijumaru: Oshwatt
….really? I mean, come on Nintendo. Those names are horrible quite frankly. I’m just glad that Poke’mon has always had the nickname feature. I’m renaming all three as their original Japanese names. Out of all three, I think that Tepig out of all of them got the biggest shank of them all. Pokabu at least would have sounded cute, but Tepig just sounds boring. Smugleaf also was a way better than Snivy, because to me it matched it better.
Than on top of those name changes, they decided to rename the region of the game, for the first time in the entire franchise history. It has gone from Isshun to Unova. Why Nintendo? Why? Why bother changing it when you’ve never done so before? Was Isshun to Japanese sounding? Was Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh NOT? There’s seems to be no logical reasoning as to why they would change the freaking name of the region when the name of the region was fine. In any case, I’m renaming some of the Poke’mon back to their Japanese names, and the region is still going to be called Isshun whenever I talk about it. I don’t care who says I’m wrong. Most of my friends know some of the Japanese names anyway.
Got the English version of Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep recently, and I’ve been playing through the game as Aqua. I got really tired of playing as Ventus since his gameplay is really boring to me. Playing as Aqua is pretty hard; she can barely take any damage before she dies. Her entire gameplay revolves around using her barrier to parry her opponents attacks and leave her a opening. Reminds me of 3S lol. If anything, you could say she’s like Ibuki in 3S, but with the SSF4 combo system: requiring some skill, but not nearly as much as her 3S counterpart.
Playing as Aqua is fun, but also very taxing and difficult, because unlike all the other characters in the game, she actually requires skill and requires that you pay attention to every single attack your opponent. Slack off for a moment, and you’re dead. Will most likely keep playing though.

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