Leliana Vess, Defier of Demons

Leliana Vess, Defier of Demons
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Friday, February 11, 2011

Arcana Crack 3

  Yeah, I finally picked up the package from the post office and got me my copy of Arcana Heart 3. That same night I literally marathond the entire night grinding on that one game. I can definetly say that this game was and is worth all the hype and wait. Its easily one of the most fun, most hype games I’ve played in years.
At the moment, I’m still playing my waifu, Akane, but I’ve also been experimenting with Weiss, and my usual experiment character, Kamui. For the first time in this series, I actually ended up playing a character that I wanted to play. In the first game, I immediately wanted to play as Yoriko, but I ended up playing Mei-Fang because I didn’t like Yoriko’s playstyle, since she relies heavily on spacing and her pentagram powerup; my movement in the game is not good enough to use her. Then in the second game, I wanted to play as Clarise simply because she was a yuri demon nun, but I couldn’t get used to her playstyle and her extremely fast homing speed, so I ended up meeting and deciding to play as my waifu, Akane. In this game, on seeing some of the release footage and match vids, I began immediately gravitating towards Weiss do to her cool character design, and rushdown style gameplay, which focuses on the frame advantage she gets from equipping her knife (22ABC). Thanks to playing the game more than ever, I’m actually learning how to do homing cancel’s in the middle of combos. This has really increased what characters I can play as. I’m thinking of also experimenting with Petra, since now I can actually play as her without glitching the entire game ala AH2. Problem is my internet has been on the fritz lately, so I can’t even play online like I wanted to. From what I’ve heard, the game has been getting tons of play online by the entire AH community. I’m glad to see that the game finally seems to be getting the recognition that it deserves from the American community. On the AH3 thread on SRK, a Japanese Kamui player even dropped in to drop knowledge for anyone who was considering playing her.
  The game itself plays very well and is redonk amounts of fun. Every character plays completely different and every arcane can damn near change a characters playstyle completely. You like insane movement options and marvel style pushblock? Wind has that for you. You like insane damage potential? Fire will work. You like increased defense and godlike punches? Earth is there for you. You like projectiles to guarantee your jump-in? How about trying love? Arcanas give all of the playable characters damn near unlimited options to just do whatever the hell you want, and gives the game so many different play options and strategies that its impossible to actually create any kind of tier list.
  Other than story mode and online, there’s also score attack, arcade, training; all the typical fighting game modes that not many people care about. Training mode has been made a lot better by Aksys, including features from Blazblue’s training mode, like infinite meter for characters with their own independent meters, as well as move recording and CPU control. The only problem is they never allowed for saveable training mode options, something they’ve always neglected since the first game. Thus if you’re like me and like to play training mode with infinite meter and homing, every time you play training you’re going to have to reset the options and put that on. Another problem some people are going to have with the game is that the game is only released in Japan, so those who are  unable to speak the language might have a hard time navigating through the menus and training mode options. If you are playing the game and having a hard time navigating the menus, then you can check out homingcancel.com, the newest site for the growing NA AH community.


  1. Nice article. It's just... how you do grind in fighting games? 0.o Does this game have RPG elements?

  2. XD no no not that kind of grind.
    i mean like learning and practicing combos, finding possible setups, learning the system, or playing against the computer and trying to find little tricks for when i face human players.

  3. Ah ok, it makes a lot of sense now ^^