Leliana Vess, Defier of Demons

Leliana Vess, Defier of Demons
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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Omnipotent God

Edit: So you know what sucks? Writing an old entry for your long overdue for an update blog, starting an new entry only to realise that even though you finished the old blog entry long time ago, you never posted it up. -__- Anyway, this entry is from back in March. Read it as though it was from that time.
So I finally finished watching the Dark Signer Arc in Yugioh 5ds. Quite frankly, I knew it could be like this, but this anime just blew me away with amazingly epic it could be. The final battle between the Signers and Dark Signers was just amazing. The music was great, the plotting was amazing, and the final battle of Crow, Jack and Yusei versus Rex and his Earthbound God was easily one of the best in the series. If I would have any kind of complaint, it would be the duel between Demak and Luca/Lua. In my opinion this duel went on for way too long. Other duels like Aki/Misty or Jack/Carly only had two episodes despite having a ton of back story and buildup, while this duel having no backstory other than the fact that Demak had Luca’s Ancient Fairy Dragon got at least 3-4 episodes. I find this ridiculous. Its like a wrestler who hasn’t gotten any pop from the fans and who can’t turn out a decent match suddenly being given the title. It makes no sense in terms of creating a suspenseful and tense storyline. I think had they lengthened them Yusei vs Kiryuu and Jack versus Carly could have been a lot better than they were. Still, every mistake that the series made was fixed with the final battle against the last Signer and Dark Signer, Rex Goodwin. I could not believe how epic this battle was, especially considering it was from a Yugioh anime. I think it had more to do with the voice acting and the music. The music (especially Goodwin’s theme) was amazing, and all the voice actors really put in their all into making the scene work. Tons of emotion from just about everybody. Not to mention Goodwin’s voice actor made “WARE NO TAAN!!” more epic than even Jack’s “ORE NO TAAAAAAAN!!!!”, and that’s saying something.
Other than that, I’ve of course been playing the game everybody’s been playing right now: Poke’mon Black and White. Having already had experience with the Japanese version, its nice to see that Nintendo actually did a pretty good job with localizing the game to the U.S. The only thing that I would say as a complaint is definetly the names. I didn’t like a lot of them. Araragi-hakase got turned into Professor Juniper, Belle got turned into Bianca, Kamitsure got turned into Elesa, Dent got turned into Cilan, yet names like Gichisu, N and  Cheren were left the same. What? Why would you do that Nintendo? Do you realize how stupid that is? Anyway, I haven’t had much time to play it persey, but I chose Mijumaru for my starter like I did in the Japanese version. I decided not to do what I said in my last entry of renaming all the Poke’mon to their original JP names, mostly because I’m too lazy to, and the one’s I do know I refer to in Japanese anyway. I’m also contemplating how they are going to dub Best Wishes. I still think Cilan has to be one of the worst names ever though. At that rate I thought even Dent was a better name than that for the English dub. Cilan just makes it sound really gay (not that I don’t think the character is secretly gay anyway, but that’s another matter for another time). I wonder who they’re going to get to do the voices for he and Iris. Seeing how they dubbed the other seasons I’m not expecting much at all. I’m honestly expecting the absolute worst.
  I might put a video up on youtube showing what I bought with my income tax return this year, especially since I finally found my camera. I spent about 2k, but I’m saving the rest of it. Since their haven’t been many games coming out that I want and I don’t really buy manga and anime, I pretty much got dumb heavy back into trading card games, namely Magic the Gathering and YGO as I’ve mentioned. I’ve pretty much been raiding the random lots over at trollandtoad.com, since they give me pretty much the most value out of anything. You can get the hugest amount of YGO and Magic cards for cheap there; it’s amazing. It especially helps if you’re trying to build yourself a collection to make decks with. They also have lots to buy basic lands of about 300 for relatively cheap in order to build a mana base. They also have lots to buy random non-basic lands for really cheap. I actually got happy that some of the lots I bought carried with them cards from the old format, before Wizards decided to change it to the new format.
    Anyway, the card lots were exactly what I needed to get myself right back into Magic. Some of the cards were from the newest sets that I had missed, so now I can actually build a deck made up of cards from the newest sets, so I can play in some tournament formats.
  My friend Neo has made a new Myr deck that specializes in making unlimited myr tokens through the use of an artifact that allows you to make a copy of a card, uses the myrs that can tap for mana, then using the myr lord to untap his mana myr and do it all over again. Eventually he gets unlimited myr tokens which he can swing with for massive damage. Not to mention that the lord also makes them all 3/3’s. Once he gets 2 of the lords on the field, he can start getting his combo going. The only way I can really think of to stop the combo from going off is to include the hugest amount of removal to stop everything before it blows up. While I usually run red beatdown in Magic, I do also experiment with blue control decks, particularly my blue/black control. However, sometimes my red tendencies get the better of me, and I play instinctively and start to use mp my counters on stuff that I shouldn’t even be worried about, just to disrupt my opponent. It took me a while to remember my old blue strategies and hold my own. Best advice I ever got in playing blue: you take damage up until you’re willing to stop taking damage. You don’t have to worry about taking lots of damage because blue doesn’t care about the early game. Blue survives through the early game while it builds a base that will take over the opponent during the mid and late game. You allow the opponent the beginning to deliver the ending. Have to get back in the groove of using my patience to withstand everything and not be so antsy.
  I also started reading the book Next Level Magic by Peter Chapin, Magic champion and someone who’s played and studied with the best in the game. The book details some of the finer points needed to become a champion Magic player, and details some of the tips and tricks that Magic champions use when they duel and when they practice. It covers everything from decision making to deck building to deck composition to even player attitude and mind set. Considering the fact that the book is actually relatively cheap (not the ebook version), it’s a steal for the wealth of knowledge that the book has. It’s a great book for the intermidate and advanced Magic player, though the book might be too hard for beginners to understand. It deals with some of the finer points of the game, like card advantage, why the Power Nine are so broken, and why the weaker monster are usually the ones that work better, not to mention making cards maximally effective and putting no wasted cards in you deck. It ends up being able to take just about any player who really applies themselves and teaching them a vast amount of knowledge as to how to play the game like a champion. I would highly recommend it for anyone looking to get into the game while hitting the ground running.
 I’ve also started playing Final Mix like just about everybody else in the damn country right now >_> makes me laugh considering I never even beat the original Japanese version or the regular American release. I decided to play as Terra this time. In the original JP I played as Venn because the official storyline goes Venn, Terra and Aqua. Then when the game came out in English, I decided to switch to Aqua because I was bored as Venn. Now in this version I switched to Terra because, while Aqua was dumb fun to play around with, her path was hard as fuck. Enemies that I could just mob through with Venn would just brutalize me. Plus she’s horrible when she gets surrounded along with flying enemies. I try to use her cute as hell pinwheel dodge, but more often than not in puts me in the way of enemy attacks and gets her completely boned. Since Terra is supposed to be a balance mix of both characters, I decided ill start with him. Plus from what I heard, he has the best story. At this point I barely even started the game. How far am I? The first save point -__-
  I’m also playing Duodecim a little before the English release, because I am dying to play as Tifa and Lightning. Dissidia I was pretty much forced into choosing Squall and Cloud because they were pretty much the only characters in the game I remotely liked (besides Tina, but I couldn’t play her because of her long ranged style gameplay, since I prefer fast characters that can get in your face). Now in Duodecim I finally have two characters that I would seriously sit down and play as. Yuna is just the icing on the cake.
Tifa is a really interesting character to use. Being that she is a close range martial artist, most of her moves don’t have much in the term of range, but makes up for it with brute power. It might be because I’m only at level 1, but most of her attacks are really sucking at the moment, so I’m going to try to level her up more. Honestly my main concern is whether or not my save data from the JP version of Duodecim is going to transfer over to the English release or not, especially since the game comes out in America next week. I don’t know if I want to heavy grind on this game when the English is literally right around the corner, only to find my save data won’t transfer. I know I can transfer my dissidia 1 save data over, which is nice. At least I don’t have to grind my way back to level 100 with Squall again. At this point the only characters I would really grind to 100 with would be my new mains, Tifa and Lightning. Other than that, I may grind it with Yuna and Tina, but I don’t exactly know if  I’m going to play Tifa like that. Once I play her and experience her battle style, then maybe I will, but I have to say I would have preferred X-2 Yuna as opposed to X Yuna. Yeah its cool that Yuna can bring out her Aeons to fight for her, but I would liked to be able to switch between using her different dress spheres to fight, like her Warrior, Thief, Black Mage, White Mage, or even Dark Warrior, Samurai, and Gambler. I think they probably didn’t do that mostly due to memory not being enough on the psp to have her switch between dress sphere’s, but then they’re able to have Lightning use three different styles with the Paradigm system. Yeah she doesn’t change outfits like Yuna does, but come on.
  Last game I’ve been playing that I’m to talk about is Catherine on ps3. The game I admit is definetly one of the weirdest games I have ever played, and probably the weirdest puzzle game I have ever played in my life. For those who don’t know about the game and the story, it is the very first HD game that Atlus, the creators of Persona and the Shin Megami Tensei series, have done. The main character of the game is a man named Vincent, your average 35 year old Japanese salaryman who’s engaged to marry his childhood friend Katherine. However, being that he’s in the odd period time of time between independence from his parents and marriage, Vincent’s not 100 percent sure if he wants to give up the bachelor life just yet. While drunk one night at a bar he frequents, he meets a young girl named Catherine, a 21-year-old sultry girl with a well-proportioned body and a beautiful face, exactly his type. He wakes up the next day to find that he slept with the girl, and is now having strange dreams of an odd world where he encounters sheep and strange traps, almost like something straight out of Alice in Wonderland. Vincent now finds that he is in the middle of a series of murders going on in his town, in which random men are dying in their sleep. If Vincent doesn’t wake up from his dreams in time, he too will die. The point of the game is thus t decide exactly which Catherine you want to go for and to find out the mystery behind the strange murders going on in the town. While it follows the basic Shin Megami Tensei structure of the story revolving around a strange world, a rumor, and killings, it’s interesting to note that the game is not actually a part of the Shin Megami Tensei line; it’s its own independent game. The graphics in the game are really stunning and feels like I’m watching an anime on a blueray disc rather than a game; you would never think it was the company’s first time going at it. Now if you had of it you might have also heard about the difficulty. Apparently (I haven’t played the game enough to experience it yet) the game was so diffucult that few people were able to even beat it on easy, let alone normal or hard mode. The game is apparently so hard Atlus released a patch to include a Super Easy mode that tones down the difficulty significantly. While I haven’t experienced this hard as hell difficulty myself, I am slightly looking forward to it; I wanna see just how hard its going, since I’ve gained a love for really hard games from playing rouge-likes like Izuna and Demon Soul’s.
Edit: I’ve gotten up to the first level boss. I take it back about not experiencing this game’s difficulty. This game is dumb as hell hard. You have very little time to do what you need to do, and if the boss hits you with its attack, you’re controls will be reversed. You might as well hit retry right then and there.
  I also decided to buy a Nintendo 64 that was being sold locally for 40 bucks. I also bought two shitty games with it that don’t deserve any mention. I need to buy a memory card for the system though. It itself came with a controller and all the necessary wires, as well as the RAM expansion, so at the very least I have that. All in all, I can’t really complain about it considering the price. This thus has me looking up good n64 games that aren’t Mario, Zelda or Metroid. So far I’m looking at Killer Instinct 2 Gold only. Sad thing is the console only has about 2 Castlevania games in the entire series, both of which are apparently so terrible that the Angry Video Game Nerd reviewed just how shitty the games were. If anyone has any suggestions for what games I should get let me know. Just to remind everyone though, I really really don’t like the legend of Zelda. A lot of people always talk about how amazing the series is, but I just don’t see what all the hubbub is about. Keep in mind also; I’ve played a Link to the Past, The Windwaker, and the ocarina of time on an emulator. Quite frankly, I did not see what anyone was talking about. I didn’t find the games captivating or riveting at all. 2 hours in and I was bored as hell. Ended up going back to Castlevania the entire time.
  Other than that I am also looking at trying to get my hands on a Sega Dreamcast. I would definetly want to get it with some of the best fighting games that system has to offer, though that thus means id have to get my  hands on a dreamcast arcade stick. 
  Also ended up making the big giant leap and bought a Nintendo 3DS.  This was just about the biggest impulse buy that I’ve made in a while. I had wanted the system primarily for Dead or Alive Dimensions, and thought it would be a launch title. Come to find out that game isn’t coming out until the end of May. For $300, I got the 3DS, a copy of Super Street Fighter 4, and a free pouch for the system. The system is definettly very impressive for a Nintendo handheld. The system begins with the system setup which also displays how to setup the systems 3d effects. While the 3d effect is amazing at first, the effect gets old very quickly. After a while you won’t even notice that the 3d effect is on. Eventually your eyes adjust to the effect and your eyes don’t really notice the pop of the graphics. Other than that the system itself is extremely pretty,almost like Nintendo were trying to compete with the PSP in the sexy looking technology department. Its sleek and stylish, and the polish really stands out, though its really easy to get finger prints on the system. As most people have already pointed out, the system doesn’t have very many games out for it right from the outset, and in fact is lacking that “killer app”. While I think the game that comes the closest is Super Street Fighter 4: 3D Edition”, and while the game is actually surprisingly decent, its not something that everyone is going to be buying the game for, especially when the superior console version has been out for more than a year now. When it comes to complaints about the port, I would say lack of an Japanese dub hurts it for me. The English dub for this game was terrible. I do like the fact that this game comes with all the downloadable costumes that were released; since I never bought the downloadable costumes for the console port, this has been my first chance to actually play with the new content. I do like a lot of them though; Chun-Li’s second alt is obviously the best out of all of them. I also like Ibuki’s second alt, the schoolgirl, and Cammy’s second alt, the Bison cosplay. The game features just about everything that the console version does, however all the movement that was in the backgrounds has been removed in favor of static backgrounds. Its completely understandable, but its still sad to know that all those little kids underneath the bridge aren’t going to be cheering for me to win, or that I’m not going to be able to shoryuken a fucking wing off of an airplane. Other than that, the game is actually pretty good and plays very well, even though I’m not accustomed to playing the game without an arcade stick.
The 3DS also comes with a lot of special software inside it, including a face shooting game and the AR card games, all of which, while only being midly entertaining by themselves, are amazing showcases for what the system is capable for. It really gets you excited for what game developers might do with the system once they start getting some practice with developing on the system. I can’t for the newest Castlevania or Shin Megami Tensei game that comes out for it.

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