Leliana Vess, Defier of Demons

Leliana Vess, Defier of Demons
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Friday, September 9, 2011

I think I should start playing Megaman x4 again. I sometimes like to watch vids of how some people will tackle the game, and that always makes me want to play it again. I almost always have a hard time with the Colonel. I love X4 for the simple fact that even if you know the patterns by heart like I do, you will die if you’re not on point with every move you do. The Colonel is a perfect example of this. I still have a hard time with him sometimes, since I’ve pretty much never been able to get my skills back up to how they used to be. I’ve been playing that game since I was 7, but I’ve never been able to beat Sigma. I can get to his last battle, and I can slightly survive, but I’ve never been able to finally take him down. Makes me sad that even though I’ve had this game for so long yet have never been able to beat it. I should really try to do it one day.
I find it funny how a lot of people insist that playing the game with Zero is harder than playing with X because Zero takes more damage and has to get up close to the enemy. Its weird because in that game, I never play as X. I always choose Zero. So I actually find it harder to play as X, because I’m not used to his gameplay style. Sometimes when playing as X I actually find myself charging in at enemies, or trying to do Zero’s moves lol. It looks retarded when you see it happen.
So later on that day, I then decided I might as well play the game and am now on Iris. In this battle you’re really supposed to use the Shoryuken you get from defeating Magma Dragoon in order to damage the robots she sends out as well as the purple crystal she has, which allows her to use a two prong laser attack you have no real hope in avoiding otherwise. My main problem is that I never seem to be able to damage her enough or kill the crystal fast enough to live through it. Still I just need to practice this battle a little harder so that I can beat her. Maybe, just maybe, I can beat Sigma this time.
To keep up with the Megaman theme I’ve pretty much been playing nothing but Megaman, and started even playing the parts of the series I had previously ignored. First was Battle Network. I had always ignored Battle Network due to the fact it was so different than the other games in the series, along with a gross piece of misinformation. I had been told, forgot by who though, that Battle Network was the only games in the entire series in which they broke the classic Megaman formula of gaining weapons upon defeating a boss and using it to defeat the boss that’s weak to that type of weapon, in a giant immense game of rock-paper-scissors. I had been told that since this series was RPG style as opposed to action platformer style, you don’t learn enemy weapons, and I avoided the series like a plague after that.
  Neo however, who happens to be one of the only friends I know who’s a bigger Megaman fan then I am, loves the Battle Network series, and has put tons of hours into it. Hearing so much about it from him, I decided to give the games a try. Who would have guessed that you do in fact gain defeated enemies powers in the form of Battle Chips -____-
But ended up getting the entire series and have been playing the games for a while since. I’m primarily playing 3 though, since from what I’ve heard, 3 was the best game in the series, and I’m liking it so far. Even started watching the old Megaman Battle Network anime because of it, in Japanese and English.
  Speaking of the game though, I laugh whenever people start to get confused as to the Megaman timeline. People honestly don’t know when one game starts and when one ends. The original Megaman games were the first in the series, and chronologically are followed at least a couple decades later by the X series. Next in the timeline comes the Zero series, in which are chronologically held hundreds of years after the end of X8. People often get confused due to the difference in appearance, but Zero and Megaman Zero are the same person; Zero has simply had his outfit updated. Next in the timeline would be the Megaman ZX series, which is also evidenced by the similarity in appearance and gameplay. The last game in the series is Megaman Legends, which takes place thousands of years after the end of ZX series, evidenced by its 10,000 timeline. People often get confused in the timeline as to where the Battle Network and Starforce games take place because they are so different from the rest of the games. Battle Network takes place in an alternate universe timeline of the series in which as opposed to robot technology flourishing, computer technology did instead. This is why gameplay is about computers as opposed to robot masters. Starforce is the sequel to the Battle Network series, but takes place years afterword. This was done because Capcom wanted to experiment with where they could take the series besides action platforming, and wanted to try their hands at the RPG genre. This was met with mixed results though by fans since some did not like the foregoing of platforming, and some others liked the RPG battle systems and fast paced gameplay.

Personally I just really want them to continue the X series, especially since X8 ended the series on a bit of a cliffhanger, and since the X series has always been my favorite part of the series in general, though I haven’t really played 7 or 8. They’re a lot harder to find than the rest of the series, since I can’t just go online and download them, and since they weren’t included on Megaman X collection, a game which I fucking love! Lol. While I have heard numerous amounts of bad things about 7, I did hear that 8 made up for that. Might try to see if I can finally get them.
Also been watching that great ass new anime, Carnival Phantasm. For those who haven’t heard about it yet, Carnival Phantasm is basically an anime celebrating the 10th Anniversary of Type-Moon, and is a straight up comedy anime featuring both the characters of Fate/Stay Night and Melty Blood. I specifically say Melty Blood because Melty Blood exclusive characters like Shion, Riesbyfe, Minako, and Neko-Arcuied are all featured in the anime. This anime is completely fuckin hysterical. I mean really, really, really hysterical. I think the only thing bad about it is that if you’re not a fan of Type-Moon or you are but never played the visual novels and only watched the animes, the show is not going to be as enjoyable. This show was obviously made for all the fans who have played the visual novels and have devoured everything related to the series in general. The whole series is like all the fanart on Safebooru.com related to the series turned into an anime for my pure enjoyment. The fact that every single voice actor for both series return just makes it even better.
The entire story is based off a series of omakes that were released a couple of years ago, and there is no real general plot to the madness. The whole show is simply based off the characters of Fate/Stay Night and Melty blood meeting each other, something totally possible since both series actually take place in the same universe. The first episode shows what would happen if the 5th Holy Grail war was changed into a game show, and the second show is all the girls playing volleyball at the beach, in which the MVP will get to spend an afternoon alone with Shiki. The series is amazingly funny and I highly recommend everyone who’s ever played either games to watch this. Not to mention the art is awesome.
Also finally finished Amagami SS after taking a long time to download the rest of the series, and it was as great as I knew it would be. In terms of storytelling and believability, this anime was definetly one of the best dating sim animes I’ve ever seen, simply because it didn’t use much of the typical tropes associated with the genre. I especially like the main character. For once we have a character who’s not a complete social prude or a complete pervert. While he does have the pervert tendencies of collecting gravure books, he does so in a way that many average boys do so. Not to mention he is completely bold with some of his most insane requests. Nothing about him is overblown like in other anime. Not to mention, because each girl is given four episodes in which they and the main character fall in love, they avoid the harem trope in which all of the girls are in love with the main character. Makes sense because its more believable to have one girl fall in love with him than to have a multitude of girls fall in love with him. The series overall is very heartwarming in how it treats its relationships, and makes it to a somewhat believable yet unbelievable. My fav relationships would be Morishima-Senpai, Kaoru, and Tsukasa. I loved Morishima-Senpai because she had a great personality on top of her amazingly good looks. I liked Kaoru mostly because I thought she had a great character, and because I found her so damn funny. Finally, I liked Tsukasa because her little two face demeanor was awesome.

And Oh my god this entry took a long time. I’ll stop here and get to work on the next one -__-

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