Leliana Vess, Defier of Demons

Leliana Vess, Defier of Demons
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Friday, March 2, 2012

Hello all.

Finding a lot less time to write nowadays. Not just with work, but with a lot of other things as well. It's in particular to my new interest in Tabletop RPG's, so I'll take sometime now to write about it. Now at 2 in the morning while watching the X-files, insomnia keeping me up at night.

As I previously stated before, I became a very big fan of the Pathfinder Role-Playing Game. It is in my personal opinion that this game, much more so than 4th Edition, represents the new age of DND in just about everything that it does. I became so enamored with the game that even the store owners of my local hobby shop, the 20 Sided Store, took notice. Probably because I bought a copy of just about every single book in the product line. I was asked by them if I would be able to DM for their Pathfinder games, particularly for the Pathfinder Society. Art Lobdell, New York's resident Venture Captain and a great DM whom I've had the pleasure of playing with, unfortunately cannot make it to enough sessions here in the store to keep on a regular schedule or keep up with consumer interest. As such, I've been asked to DM for these encounters by the store, because I am pretty much the only person in the store they know who knows how to DM for the game. As such, I decided why not, and agreed. It was funny to learn afterwards, that they would also need me to DM for the stores weekly DND Encounters sessions for DND 4th Edition. One of the DM's for the store, a friend of mine named Devin, will not be able to DM for these sessions due to piling school work. As such I'm now going to be DM'ing for the store. My life has gotten busy, and quite frankly I am nervous about the entire thing. DM'ing is a very large responsibility, even more so when its for a store. Do I think that I'm up to the challenge? Not sure at this point. I'm more confident DM'ing for Pathfinder than for DND 4th Edition. Its the game I know better, plus the game I'm definetly more passionate about. While I don't completely hate the game, 4th Edition is not something I would choose to run myself.
I'm also thinking about changing the way I do this blog. I've been busier than usual, and I'm not having to time to update this with the big entries I usually do. I think it's time I tried changing it up a little. My only wonder, is how.

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  1. Missed your updates. Please write again! XO